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Jared Bernstein argues that Biden hasn't blamed big oil for high gas prices: "We want them to produce more."

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Neil Cavout accused White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein of Putin in "Your World" on Wednesday for high US gas prices. Grill for a reason. 

JARED BERNSTEIN:I think we're trying to tell youfrom $ 3.40 Increasingly from 1 gallon to $ 5, this is Putin's price increase, which is a big blow to people with pumps. Also, I don't think this politics can be overlooked. Both Democrats and Republicans strongly support our efforts to support Ukraine's sovereign state. On the other hand, if you do that, you can't look back and blame the president for the rise in gas prices behind Putin's invasion.

BIDEN is reducing gas prices everywhere except to promote oil production

I want oil companies to increase production and produce more oil. Refineries also need to refine more oil at the same time, which is essential. I'm not going to give you one without the other. They are inseparable. At the same time, we are actively planning clean energy, electric vehicles, battery production, cleaner grids, and paths to climate goals. Towards Net Zero. Both are essential. This is called migration. We have to do both. While planning the path to clean energy for the planet and for geopolitics, we need to make sure that pumps are helping middle-class families today.

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