Jason Sudeikis Rocks The Carlton in This Exclusive ‘Ted Lasso’ Clip

Ted Lasso is many things: a soccer coach, a Kentucky transplant in England, and a newly-divorced father of one. But now, we can add dancer to that list. Ted (Jason Sudeikis), the star of Apple TV+‘s charming summer comedy Ted Lasso,  is showing off his fancy moves and professing his love for ’90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in a first look at tomorrow’s episode. In the series’ penultimate episode, Ted has Roy (Brett Goldstein) over to his apartment for a heart-to-heart, where he tries to offer advice in his own signature style. You can watch it for yourself in Decider’s exclusive clip above.

The first look opens with an apology from Roy, who feels bad for lashing out at Ted earlier. “Look, I’m sorry I told you to go fuck yourself,” he says. “I’m usually better at hiding my anger.”

Ted brushes off the apology with a “la-di-dah” and a wave of his hand, but he’s a little bemused by Roy’s comment that he can conceal his anger. “You think so, huh?” Ted asks. “Know thyself, rest in peace Socrates,” he adds, giving a shout out to the classic philosopher.

Roy continues, “I asked her if she was still going to watch the match, if I wasn’t playing. Little shit said yes, didn’t even blink, just straight into my face.”

Ted’s advice? “Well hey, that’s showbiz, ain’t it?” Then, in a twist Roy definitely wasn’t expecting — and neither were we — he launches into a story about his love for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. “Now I promised myself I was never gonna watch Fresh Prince again when they swapped out Aunt Vivs, but truth be told, as long as they let Carlton do his thing, I was always going to take a minute and just sit right there,” Ted recalls. “Sidebar, Alfonso Ribeiro, the greatest physical comedian of the 19th, 20th and 21st century.”

To close out his point, Ted does his own rendition of the Carlton dance, swinging his arms and snapping his fingers. “Case in point, right here,” he says between moves. “Iconic.”

Meanwhile, Roy has been sitting patiently through Ted’s whole bit, but he can’t seem to stay silent through the Carlton dance. “I never know how to react when a grown man does the Carlton in front of me,” he admits.

And that’s just one moment from episode 9 of Ted Lasso. Watch “All Apologies” when it debuts on Apple TV+ this Friday, Sept. 25.

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