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Jayland Walker Shooting: Akron, Ohio Expects Protests Against Police Cam footage

Earlier this week, police in Akron, Ohio, who fired more than 90 bullets at a black driver and killed him, watched a video of the shooting as a city. According to the report that it will be released, it prepared for the protest.

Jayland Walker, 25, died after being hit more than 60 times, a lawyer in his family said — the person who saw the bodycam footage in question.

This video will be released on Sunday. According to

3News Investigates, two police officers used a non-lethal taser before the other eight police officers fired a bullet at Walker.

"You can see that two officers are deploying taser. You may not notice it, but we will learn later that it happens because taser doesn't make a loud noise." Said Robert Dicello, a lawyer for the Walker family. "Suddenly, without warning, and there's no reason I can tell in the video-no hand gestures, no stops, no rotations, no movements-he (Walker) seems to be upside down. Look at his left shoulder and then a gun battle breaks out. "

People block traffic during the protest of the Akron police shooting death of Jayland Walker on June 30.
Jeff Lange / Akron Beacon Journal{23 via AP } Pamela Walker, left, and Jada Walker, right, get emotional during a news conference following the shooting death.
Jeff Lange / Akron Beacon Journal / AP
A child holds up a sign during the protest for the death of Jayland Walker.
Jeff Lange / Akron Beacon Journal / AP

Reportedly, Akron city officials reportedly prepared for a post-release demonstration of the video on July 4th. Canceled the event of the day.

Walker died shortly after leading police in a four-minute chase that ended after midnight on Monday. He was reportedly killed when he jumped out of a slow-moving car and tried to escape. Police then used a taser who initially missed him. According to police, Walker fired his gun during his pursuit, sometimes reaching more than 80 miles per hour. They later said they found a gun and bullet casing in Walker's 2005 Buick sedan.

Reportedly, police officers tried to stop Walker a day ago after noticing that the taillights of Walker's car were broken.

Attorney Bobby DiCello holds up a photograph of Jayland Walker.
Jeffrange / USA Today Network (via REUTERS)
Protesters gather outside the Stubbs Justice Center
Jeff Lange / Akron Beacon Journal / AP
Akron Police Officers are confronted by protesters
Jeff Lange / Akron Beacon Journal / AP

"We want the community to know about the tracking," Dicello said. "The reason is: He went home from that chase. Do you see? He lived to tell the story, and that's exactly what happened here. Kill him. There was no reason. None. "