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Jeep has reinvented the windshield wiper. Here's how it works

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There is nothing in the gas station squeegee.

Jeephas developed a new type of wiper that removes dirt and mud from his glass in a single wipe.

The Clean Sweep: Jeep is a new accessory his kit available from his Mopar parts catalog for current generation of his Wrangler and Gladiator trucks.

The package includes a new wiper arm and blade with 12 laser-cut holes to spray washer fluid when sweeping the windshield.

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Traditional spray nozzles are disabled and liquid It will be resent to the blade through the attached tube with packaging.

The Clean Sweep: Jeep system features wiper blades with 12 water-spraying holes built into them.

Clean Sweep: The Jeep system uses 12 wipers It has blades. Water spray holes built into them. (Jeep)

When the washer is activated, fluid begins to flow before the wipers begin to move, creating a liquid tip that helps clean the glass .

Jeep says the feature can clean a windshield better than a traditional washer system.

You can clean your windshield better than you can sweep it. Conventional washer system. (Jeep)

Other vehicles have spray nozzles placed in the wiper arms to create a similar effect, but the Jeep's The 12-hole blade design is unique.

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Jeep's technology is often created as a 'blind second' "Conventional wipers make several passes of debris on the windshield before they begin to remove it." This is especially useful off-road through puddles and other mud, the kind that Wranglers and Gladiator are designed to tackle.

The kit comes with two sets of blades.

He comes with two sets of blades in his kit doing. The (Jeep)

kits are available now, priced at $140 including two sets of blades.

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Jeep introduced Mopar's new line last year When I did, I also tackled the topic of forward visibility. The Wrangler and Gladiator windshields are made from thechip-resistant Gorilla Glassused in smartphones.

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