Jennifer Lawrence Joins Twitter to Speak Out Against Social Injustice

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Jennifer Lawrence is joining the call for justice for Breonna Taylor.

The Oscar winner has created a public Twitter account, @JLawrence_RepUs, to speak out against social injustice. Lawrence's new social media platform is in support of the anti-corruption campaign, RepresentUS, in which she serves as a member of the cultural council. Other representatives include Kerry Washington, Rachel McAdams, Omar Epps, Orlando Bloom, J.J. Abrams, Ben Harper, Elizabeth Banks, Sophia Bush and more stars.

Lawrence's first ever tweet features a video of Epps discussing the criminal justice system in America and how it is in need of a change.

"Nearly 1 in 4 Black men in America will be locked up at some point in their life," Lawrence wrote. "In this short video, @omarepps & @desmondmeade explain how corruption has broken our criminal justice system—& what we can do to fix it. #UnbreakingAmerica #JusticeForSale"

In a second post, Lawrence wrote about the death of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old emergency medical technician who was fatally shot by police at her home during the middle of the night on March 13. 

"For three months since her murder, Breonna Taylor's family, the people of Louisville, Americans across the country, and many around the world have called out for justice," Lawrence wrote. "And yet, those calls have gone unanswered. No arrests have been made, the officers responsible for her death remain employed by the LMPD, and disturbingly, the LMPD's own investigation report was woefully inaccurate. As a Louisivillian, as a human being, I cannot be silent."

Lawrence, who was born and raised in Kentucky, called on Attorney General Daniel Cameron to "take immediate action" and hold those responsible for Taylor's death "accountable."

"Mr. Cameron, the longer you wait to bring criminal charges against officers Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and Brett Hankison, the more trust erodes," the 29-year-old actress continued. "I urge you to commit to transparency in the investigation and prosecution of these officers, and address the LMPD's insufficient response to Breonna Taylor's murder. We must not allow the erasure of Black women to continue in America."

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Lawrence concluded her message by writing, "As many activists and leaders have been imploring for years: #SayHerName."

In early June, Lawrence, who has been admitted to having private social media accounts, took to her Facebook page to share a message with her fans.

"Hi guys, it's been a while. But now is not the time to be silent," Lawrence wrote. "I pledge to listen, learn, donate, and vote. I promise to do my part today and every day. I hope you will join me in supporting these organizations, but this is just the start. Black Lives Matter. @colorofchange @minnesotafreedomfund @naacplegaldefensefund #georgefloydmemorialfund #justiceforbreonnataylor"

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