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Jesse Watters: Biden once struggled with crime

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Fox News host Jesse Watters on Thursday in "Jesse Watters Primetime" with insights into the nationwide surge in crime in multiple cities. Provided. 

JESSE WATTERS:People are pulling outside the mall into the olive garden for lunch, and ammunition is ringing by the window. What country do we live in? If only the Democratic Party had heard of this one senator in 1991, the crime wouldn't be so bad so far.  

JOE BIDEN, 1991:"If I have crack cocaine below this quarter, my hand, $ 1 A quarter, we passed the law through the leadership of Senator Thurmond, myself, and others. Nothing but five years in prison. Judges have no choice. "

A Virginia man accused of killing a non-profit CEO who previously dated his widow

Joe Biden was once drug-resistant and criminal-resistant, but he succumbs to a radical left wing to maintain power. 

BIDEN:"You are arrested only for the purpose of dealing with a felony committed and do not consider drunk driving a felony."

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That's right, was there music in Pauly P's ears? Paul Pelosi may have been charged with a felony, but DA (Hey, Allie) has only charged him with a misdemeanor. That's why drug dealers, triggerers, and Democratic drunk drivers get special treatment, but if you're a law-abiding gun owner, you're in trouble. 

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