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Jesse Watters at Biden's press conference: "He doesn't notice" and "It doesn't make any sense"

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Jesse Waters blows up President Biden on Thursday"The Five", refuses to take responsibility for rising inflation in the country, and wars in Russia and Ukraine Blame. 

JESSE WATTERS:His policy isRaid Russia in UkraineAnd It's bleeding They dry,and it can take years. For American drivers who don't sound like plans to lower gas prices. It doesn't seem to be a plan at all. This will last forever. His policy is basically not as bad as Mexico, it seems to be bad,neither is my fault and I have no plans to fix it. I can't tell it to Americans. I can't say that inflation is bad for Americans, but it's worse elsewhere. We don't live anywhere. We live here in the United States. It's like saying thatshould see Brazilwithout worrying about crime. We do not live in Brazil. We live here. Then he keeps saying ah, well, you know, it's Russia's fault on gas and inflation. 

Biden's claim "Inflation is primarily Putin's fault, not democratic spending

The Federal Reserve Chairman came out last week and said it wasn't. He was walking the point of the story of the blast, putting shrapnel on every calf, and he put it on. I don't even feel. I'm unaware of the fact that he doesn't make any sense.He's been to Europe at least twice Have he been to an oil drilling machine? Have he been to the border?He went to a milk powder factory Have you ever been? Has he been anywhere in this country? No. He loves to talk about NATO across the Atlantic.

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