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Jets pass rusher Karl Lawson wants a lost 2021 behind him

Karl Lawson's days were long last season. especially Sundays. Those were the longest days. they hurt the most.

His 27-year-old pass rusher for the Jets had his 2021 season hampered by an Achilles tendon injury he sustained in training at his camp, butlost time in 2022. Desperate to get it back.

A year after his devastating injury, Lawson recalls hours of rehab and the depression of watching his teammates play without him. I was.

"I wanted as badly as you want to breathe," Lawson said after Wednesday's practice. "What are you willing to sacrifice to get to a certain point? , he will wear the uniform and helmet in a game against another team for the first time since January 3, 2021, as he wrapped up the 2020 season with the Bengals. I can't wait to taste it," Lawson said.

The first time he saw him chasing an opposing quarterback, he wasn't as excited as a Jets fan. So far Lawson has never played a game in a green and white uniform and was a myth as a jet.

Carl Lawson
Bill Cost

Lawson, who just signed a 3-year, $45 million free agency contract and was guaranteed $30 million in the 2021 offseason, made his first Jets debut last summer. Although he was in training camp, he ruptured his left Achilles tendon during a joint practice with the Packers in Green Bay and was unable to play a single game in the 2021 season.

A year later, the 6-foot-2-inch, 265-pound Lawson lost with 20 sacks, 19 tackles, and 83 quarterback hits in his 51 games (14 starts). recorded in The Bengals have plans. lofty plan.

"I definitely don't want a cap," said Lawson. "I want to set expectations that no human can reach. I have the most ridiculous expectations of myself. I want 100 sacks this season. I want to do the impossible.

As much as I can, it's about how good I want to be.I don't feel like I'm trying to be bigger, faster, stronger, or a better player.How to get to that point

Lawson's mantra is simple: he ``wants to be better than he was''. increase. Anything more is a bonus.

Head coach Robert Saleh said Lawson plans to play in Philadelphia on Friday night. He could win a series or two with the starters before coaches start considering backups.

"We are preparing to set him off," Saleh said Wednesday. "He's been ready since the OTA and you don't want to treat him like bubble wrap, but you have to be smart at the same time.

Carl Lawson playfully tugs on offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur's shirt during a recent Jets practice.
Bill Costrone

Get out of his way, because it still leaves you with the reassurance that you have to make sure you get out there and play. "I know he's practicing and feeling comfortable, but he's still going out and playing and loosening his pads." He said he felt like he "got a feel for it" last week with the Jets. Not a match, but a green and white scrimmage at his stadium in front of MetLife fans.

"I was a little nervous being in the stadium and seeing people around again," he said. "It was totally different from practice. I was a little too excited and I think that was the feeling of the game at the beginning. I think I got that part out of the way. Maybe when I got out there and It would be different if I wore an actual jersey and put the pads under the lights.I'm looking forward to it, fans.

Ask how close you feel to being yourself again. Lawson, who was taken down, began answering the questions before they were completed, stating, "I'm getting more and more comfortable, but I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be."[61][62] } When asked what kept him in rehab for hours and days, he said: chance. If you want something, go get it. You make sacrifices to achieve your dreams."