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Jets' Zach Wilson has more important healing time than Week 1 return

Once upon a time there was a Jets quarterback in white shoes and a fur coat and Fu Manchu, who won the franchise's only Super Bowl championship. rest of his career.

Zach Wilson, amidst hysterical fanfare, summoned him 16 months ago and takes off into the green and white skies and lands in the clouds in the new administration's version of 'Top Gun: Maverick' A proud jet appeared as his pilot. 9.

But now he was betrayed by his right knee even before his second season started.

And now, for the second time, his career has stalled on the pavement.

When Wilson's arthroscopic knee surgery in Los Angeles was completed Tuesday and was deemed a success, Robert Salley said he would speak with the organization's choice.

And here's what he should tell Zach Wilson:

"You don't have to feel any pressure to go back to the regular season opener. You're in the future." And we need you for much of 2022 and beyond, more than we need you for September 11th with the Ravens.

``Take it easy.

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson (2) leads his team onto the field before a preseason game against the Eagles, Friday, Aug. 12, 2022, in Philadelphia.

The moral of the story is that Wilson is always faced with unexpected moments of truth. He's back in the Jets' huddle.

Eli Manning is more than a Hall of Fame quarterback. His greatest ability was his availability.

Wilson has not proven that the franchise he can honor the duties of a quarterback.

Again, Saleh and his Attack Coordinator Mike LaFleur find themselves obliged to use Yogi Berra's wit and wisdom to appease the ferocious beast within Wilson.

Just saw Mike White last Halloween.

Just saw Flacco.

Whenever Wilson was deemed ready to return, he would be standing on the edge of an injury-prone hill.

He cannot be excused for his third absence and cannot risk the Jets and Jets fans starting to wonder if he can be the answer to their long-lost prayers. .

So Saleh must protect the young and ambitious Wilson from herself. A crafty veteran like Flacco would have been profitable and out of bounds in the preseason opener against the Eagles. Wilson made the fateful cut to gain an extra yard to compensate for an interception in his first series. I'm committed to Wilson... but the strengths quickly turn into weaknesses when I can't stay on the field anymore.

Bill Parcells gave up a young gunslinger named Glenn Foley early in his 1998 season in favor of nearly his 35-year-old Vinnie Testaverde. did. to the AFC championship game. Foley, of course, wasn't the second overall pick in the draft, just a red comet over ineffective Neil O'Donnell. Ryan Fitzpatrick replaced Genno Smith, but no teammate punched Wilson and broke his jaw.

Of course, the Jets remain committed to Wilson. Of course, the 37-year-old Flacco can't offer you as great a play as Wilson...his teammates in the huddle:

"He's a veteran, he understands football and Calm, great demeanor, great presence in the huddle, it's all-encompassing for him.

Flacco excelled in Tuesday's chaotic Red Zone. “That's where veteran experience comes in,” Saleh said.

Wilson goes through rehab and recovery Considering it could take him up to three weeks, use your head more than your heart, boy A mixed old pro, the Jets have a great chance of winning the season opener in his MetLife.

"Having Joe there doesn't limit what Zach can do," Saleh said.

Hurry up, kid.