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Jodie Sweetin about police quarrel in Roe's protest: Don't do this about me

Jodie Sweetin does not want her quarrel with the police to distract people from the right to abortion.

The actress headlinespressed to the ground by the Los Angeles Police Department, then overturns theRoe v. Wade caseand returns the story to the Supreme Court.In a pro-choice protest.

She said, "People are shocked to see Stephanie Tanner. Something happened to her, but suddenly it became more real,"guest host. E! '"Daily Pop "See her" Full House "character on Monday.

"And I hate that people need to be someone they know and know in order to be indignant or take action."

"Dancing with the Stars" Alum, who does not plan on imminent accusations, emphasized that he did not want the spotlight when he had a major problem at hand.

"Above all, I don't want to do this for myself," she explained. "And I want to keep refocusing on women's rights and police atrocities. If people are disturbed by what they see, let me tell you: I spend a lot of time protesting on the streets. Spent, and it's a very small incident of police atrocities. "

Jodie Sweetin getting off the ground after being pushed by police.
Sweetin was her by a fellow protester. I was helped by my feet.

When Sweetin was walking along the roadside of Los Angeles with other activists on Saturday, a policeman said, "I just pulled my bag and threw me in front of me.

"We dealt with the situation. We didn't use it as an excuse to do anything more," she said. "We continued the march, and we were probably there for another four or five hours to march downtown."

Jodie Sweetin during a protest against Roe v. Wade being overturned.
Sweetin marched for hours in protest of the overturning of the Roe v. Wade case.

She has spoken on social media about the controversial capsize last Friday, she said she would continue to protest Page 6 earlier.

"The hundreds of people who exercised the rights of the First Amendment yesterday and took immediate action to protest the huge unjust and peaceful protests issued by the Supreme Court very much. I'm proud, "she said. statement.

"Our activities continue until we hear our voices and take action. This does not discourage us, we fight for our rights. Continue. We are not free until we are all free. "