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Jonathan Turley: The more we know about Trump's raid, the more confusion

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Jonathan Turley sources document that former President Trump cooperated with the government prior to the raid on Mar-a-Lago's home in "Hannity" talked about

Sean Hannity: FBI and DOJ sadly won national distrust

Jonathan Hannity Turley: The more I learn, the more I get. What did they tell Reinhardt? Did they tell the magistrate this history? According to these sources, the president cooperated. That is, the idea that he was the subject of the subpoena, complied with the subpoena, did not contest it, voluntarily showed the agents the warehouse, followed their advice, and secured it to meet their demands. is. All of this is no reason to say that40 of his FBI agents should be sent for a night raid. That is, if the subpoena worked the first time, a second subpoena could work his second time, if there were documents left uncollected in the first collection. It's the details that we have to find out. 


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