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Josh Allen says he was "jinxed" before losing the OT coin toss vs. chiefs

Josh Allen has not survived the defeat of last year's split round playoffs to the Chiefs. But the game isn't the most frustrating to him. It was the coin toss that gave the chiefs the ball to start overtime, andled to Bills' tragic elimination.

"By that time, I think I was 9-0 throughout the season. At the production meeting [with CBS] it was jinxed and I was 0-2 in the game," Allen said. I mentioned it in the Boys podcastinBussin'. "They brought up that stat, you're 9-0 ... I flip the game with a coin to 0-2. I switch it, go to the head first, and finally I went to the tail, and it was obviously a flip-flop. "

When asked in a podcast what was more annoying to him, a loss or a coin toss, he said," Coin toss. " "said.

Josh Allen drops back against the Kansas City Chiefs during the NFL playoffs.
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"People still come to me and talk about it That's the game people are talking about, "Allen said. "It's great to be part of it, but it's not that great to lose it. It feels good when someone comes in and says," It was the best game I've ever seen. " It will never be. It's like losing.