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Josh Donaldson and Jameson Tyrone Lift Yankees to Beat Mariners, Snap Skid

SEATTLE — The Yankees regained victory on Monday with a 9-4 win over the Mariners at T-Mobile Park for a season-high five-game losing streak. 

However, Matt Carpenter broke his left foot in the first inning, which cost him

Against Seattle, Josh There was enough power for Donaldson to get his four hits and overcome Carpenter's loss. home run of the season. 

Jameson Taillon continued his pattern of every other good start as he gave up three runs in the seventh inning. New rotation pitcher Frankie Montas was hit hard on Sunday after the 

team was wiped out in St. Louis. Also, the Yankees' lead in the American League East dropped to single digits for the first time since June 15. 

Aaron Boone fully felt the need to speak to his team before Monday's game. 

Jameson Taillon pitches on Monday during the Yankees' win over the Mariners.
Matt Carpenter points to his foot after injuring it against the Mariners.
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"It was just that the dust from the trade deadline had settled," Boone said of his team. 

The manager's message is: We are taking our mates out of IL to get through this so that we can realize our goal of becoming a champion. 

DJ LeMahieu started the game with a single to center and doubled his base rule for judges to light his field down his line. came in third. 

After Carpenter struck out and then left the game, Donaldson hit a sharp single to left that Lemahue and the Judges scored, giving the Yankees his 2–0 lead. rice field. 

Taeyeon returned a run in the bottom of the inning when he allowed his two-out homer to Mitch Haniger. 

Donaldson's productive night continued in his third, hitting a long solo home run that Logan stopped Gilbert with his two outs. This was Donaldson's 11th home run this season, and in the last six games he has had eight RBIs. 

Graber his Torres hit an off-the-wall single to the right before Andrew Benintendi hit his double to the right. 

Josh Donaldson watches his solo home run in the third inning.

Torres waved and went home. plate, but shortstop J.P. Crawford returned the throw home and Cal Lawry couldn't come up with it. 

Benintendi was given an RBI and Crawford's error moved him to third as the Yankees extended his lead to 4-1. 

Andrew Benintendi hits an RBI double in the fifth inning.

Haniger singled with his one out and two. moved to the th. Taillon made a wild pitch before two-out walks to Eugenio Suarez and Carlos Santana. 

After a visit from his coach Matt Blake, Taillon beat his 0-2 over Crawford, but made it to the full count. 

After five straight foul balls, Crawford finally walked his 11th pitch at bat and forced a run, making it 4-2. 

Aaron Judge hits a solo home run in the ninth inning.

Then Lowry nearly completes a Grand Slam but just fouled and Taillon grounded him out to end the 34-pitch, 3-walk inning. 

Donaldson doubled his lead to his fifth, and against Gilbert he improved to 5-for-5 overall. 

Torres flies his ball into the wall, but Sam hits just over Haggerty and he hits a double, but Donaldson fails to score. 

Opposite field from Benintendi His double-to-left double drove both and he scored on Kinner's Falefa sacrifice fly to give the Yankees his 7-2 lead. gave a lead. 

In the seventh, Tyrone allowed Lowry to hit a two-out homer.