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Julia Roberts praises her husband, Danny Moder, to commemorate her 20th wedding anniversary.

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Julia Roberts got a glimpse of her decades of marriage with Danny Moder on her Instagram snap to commemorate her 20th wedding anniversary on July 4th. rice field. The

Academy Award-winning 54-year-old actress posted a fascinating photoof a couple wrapped in her sweet hug with the caption"TWENTY".

She added some hashtags to the shot, and Modder's hand lovingly wrapped her around her neck,showing off her wedding ring.There are things like "smiles don't stop" and "kisses don't stop". ..

Julia's bright red hair was tied to her loose tendrils flowing down her back as she leaned against her intimate moment with her partner. 

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss on Independence Day. The couple attended CORE Gala to Benefit 10 Years of Life-Saving Work Across Haiti Around the World in 2020 in Los Angeles, California. 

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder The bliss of marriage on Independence Day, which celebrated the 20th anniversary. The couple joined the CORE Gala in 2020 in Los Angeles, California to benefit 10 years of lifesaving efforts in Haiti around the world.  (Kevin Mazur)

Why July 4th brings good luck to a Hollywood marriage.

Her niece, Emma Roberts, daughter of acting legend Eric Roberts, has received dozens of likes from her enthusiastic fans on how many posts. I had no choice but to throw that heartfelt emoji.

Roberts and Modder first met on the set of the 2001 movie The Mexican. There she starred with Brad Pitt. The modeler was the cinematographer.

The "Pretty Woman" star was married to country crooner Lyle Lovett from 1993 to 1995.

Love was certainly in the air as the modeler tied the knot shortly after finishing his divorce from Bella Stimemag. The couple married in 2002 on a ranch in Taos, New Mexico.

Roberts and Moder first met on the set of the 2001 film "The Mexican," where she starred alongside Brad Pitt. Moder served as a cinematographer. The couple attended the 3rd annual Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala in 2014.

Roberts and Moder made the 2001 movie The Mexican. I first met on the Mexican set and starred with Brad Pitt. The modeler was the cinematographer. The couple participated in the 3rd Sean Penn&amp. A friend helps Haiti Home Gala in 2014.(Kevin Mazur)

Julia Roberts pays a tribute to her husband Daniel Moder on their wedding day Rare INSTAGRAMPIC In

Roberts andModeris 17 years-son Henry In addition to the 14-year-old, the old twin Hazel and Finmoder "Fin".

At Sirius XM's "Jescagle Show," she said, "This summer. I kissed Danny Moder for 20 years." 

How to celebrate When asked if she intended, she simply said, "Kiss me more."

The "Steel Magnolias" actress told the New York Times earlier this year that she had deviated from the status quo of the legendary romantic comedy, andcalled herself after raising a child. I consider it a "housewife". Of the spotlight.

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She focuses on the project I'm a little surprised that she's back on the silver screen to star with George Clooney in "Ticket to Paradise" later this year for any movie that I've put and don't choose.

She's returning to the silver screen to star alongside George Clooney in ‘Ticket to Paradise’ later this year. Roberts and Clooney attended the 'Money Monster' premiere during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival in May 2016

She returned to the silver screen with George Clooney Starring together at "Ticket to Paradise" later this year. Roberts and Clooney attended the "Money Monster" premiere at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in May 2016(Photo by Mike Marsland / WireImage)

"I can do that" Can it be 20 years? This is the problem. If I thought something was good enough, I would have done it, "Roberts admitted. 

"But in the last 18 years I have had three kids, not only because" this material is good "but also because it's a formula for her husband's work schedule. We will raise the standard further. And the children's school schedule and summer vacation. It's not just "Oh, I want to do this". Not only did I not find what I was interested in, but I was surprised that the years had passed in no time. "

" People sometimes misunderstand that they have never done a romantic comedy because they don't want to do it, "she added. If you read "Notting Hill" level texts or what you find fun with "My Best Friend's Wedding" level mudcaps, do it. "

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