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Parade shooting, Highland Park, Illinois, July 4, 2022

34 minutes ago

Follow the latest news of the July 4th parade shooting in IllinoisHere, read more about today's development in the following posts.

1 hour 21 minutes ago

Violent image posted by a shooting suspect

Jeff Winter, Yahiya Abu Gazara, David Williams, CNN

Suspected shooter Robert “Bobby” Climo III posted an online music video that he believed he made. .. 

In one video titled "Are you Awake", Kurimo was seen with colorful hair and facial tattoos, "I need to do that. That's my. It's fate. "

This video shows a cartoon animation of a stickman resembling a klimo, wearing tactical gear to attack with a rifle.  

 In another video titled "Toy Soldier" , a similar stickman cartoon character resembling a klimo prone on the floor of the pool . A lying on the floor is drawn. Of his own blood surrounded by police officers with guns.

Kurimo, who calls himself "awakening the rapper," posted his music on several major streaming media and personal websites. Facebook and Twitter accounts believed to belong to Kurimo were deleted after Kurimo was nominated for the shootings that killed at least six people. His Facebook profile picture shows that he is wearing a helmet with a camera mount, a face cover, and a colorful jacket.

On September 24th, he posted a video on Twitter, sitting in a classroom-like set, wearing a helmet, posing in different scenes, and instrumental "When Johnny Comes March". I played the arrangement. Background.

 He hasn't posted on Twitter since he wrote "I am not a robot" on October 26, 2021.

In yet another music video, { 280} song titled "On My Mind", Crimo played in a classroom set full of desks, lockers and blackboards. To do. At the last moment of the video,  viewer sees a shot of Climo reaching for a backpack before the music suddenly breaks. Next, you can see Climo wearing a helmet and a tactical vest and dropping bullets. On the floor of the classroom, the music of the popular shooting video game "Call of Duty" is played in the scene. 

The video seems to have been posted online last year. Jamiel Lynch, CNN


Monday's deadly shooter Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said it was an American tragedy when he visited Highland Park.

"What happened in the parade, all the poor victims and those killed in the process break my heart," he said.

Durbin, Senate Majority Whip, Promotion The recently passedbipartisan gun billwas an important step, but said it hadn't been addressed. ..

"There is no reason for a person to own a military assault weapon. It is not worth hunting, sports, or even self-defense," he said. "It's a killing machine."

He said he was on vacation and took seven hours to arrive at Highland Park. He heard about the shooting.

"The stories that have already appearedand some of them are something we will never forget. To see the July 4th parade. What happened to these wonderful people who just brought their families? What an American day. What an American experience. And the American tragedy continued. "

Senator said it was a day people remember for a long time.

After praising the efforts of first responders, Durbin said: "It was America's best with those (emergency responders) I just mentioned, people take rifles (fast rifles). It was America's worst to ruin life with innocent people, and ruined many families in different ways. "

Durbin also to vote for elections. I urged people. Choose someone who feels like you, "he said. 

2 hours 54 minutes ago

Robert Climo III was believed to be responsible for what happened, Officials said

Joe Sutton, CNN

An empty wagon and American flags remain near the scene of the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday, July 4.
Monday at the shooting site in Highland Park, Illinois. An empty wagon and the American flag remain nearby 4.4. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune / Tribunnews Service / Getty Images)

Authorities Robert E at a press conference at night. When discussing the arrest of Climo III, Lake County spokesman Christopher Coveri of the Key Crimes Task Force said it was the same to call a person a suspect or an interested person.

Law enforcement officials said, "Today we have processed a significant amount of digital evidence. This has helped guide investigators in this direction. Therefore, suspect someone. Or calling someone of interest is really a synonym, "he said. "This individual is believed to be responsible for what happened and the investigation will continue. At this time, the prosecution has not yet been approved. We are far from it. "."

Earlier, when law enforcement agencies searched for Klimo, police labeled him "a person of interest." "He is being investigated on suspicion of being involved in the shooting of multiple individuals during the Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois," the FBI said.

3 hours 22 minutes ago

The video shows a police officer detaining the suspect

Amanda Jackson, CNN

(Ryan Lerman)
(Ryan Lerman)

Delivery driver Ryan Lerman , Shooter Robert E near Lake Forest, Illinois. I captured the moment when Climo III was suspected of being detained.

Rahman was following the news on CNN, so he soon noticed Honda Fit.

"He's been there for a while and it looks like seven police cars have appeared," Rahman said. 

In the video, police can be Hee, ordering Klimo to get out of the car. Police with guns are seen as Kurimo gets out of the car with his hands in the air. 

3 hours 27 minutes ago

Climo's uncle says there were no signs of warning

Curt Devine, CNN investigates

A male uncle detained in connection with a shooting shows signs of warning that his nephew is believed to have been involved in such a tragedy. Was not seen, told CNN.

Paul A. "He looks like a suspect," Crimo told law enforcement on Monday about his nephew Robert "Bobby" Crimo III.

"I'm broken heart. I'm very sad," Paul said. "There were no signs of letting him do this."

He said he had never seen Bobby violent or worried about his actions. "I don't say anything wrong about him," he said.

Paul said he was unaware of the political views his nephew had.

"He's a quiet kid," he said. "He is usually alone. He is a lonely and quiet person. He owns everything."

Bobby is his father and Paul's brother Robert Climo. He said he lives in an apartment behind a junior-owned house. He said Paul also lives in a house in the city of Highwood.

He said he had never seen a friend come to Bobby's house. As far as he knows, Bobby worked at Panera Bread before the coronavirus pandemic, but no job. Paul described him as active on YouTube.

"I go out with him, but I don't really like to get involved with him. I say hello and then when I leave I say goodbye. That's it," he says. However, he said he knew Bobby since he was born.

Paul said he saw his nephew on Sunday night while Bobby was sitting in the reclining chair of his house and looking at his computer. He said Bobby was probably in his room when he got home. "Everything was fine," he said.

Paul said he spoke to the FBI around 2:30 pm. On Monday after he got home, they "passed me through the ringer." His brother, who was not at home at the time, gave law enforcement officers permission to search the house, he said.

"We are good people here and having this is devastating," Paul told CNN, noting that his brother once ran for mayor. did. 

1 hour 38 minutes ago

Robert E. Crimo III is fired at a parade in Highland Park

CNN's Jamiel Lynch

The scene where Crimo was reportedly taken into custody.
Crimo is detained The alleged scene (WLS)

Robert E. Climo III was detained near Lake Forest, Illinois, officials said in a brief press conference shortly before 8 pm.

Authorities said Climo was discovered by a North Chicago police officer who was about to initiate a traffic outage. Kurimo then fled and led an officer with a short chase before stopping at Lake Forest, Illinois.

He is detained without incident and taken to the Highland Park Police Station. 

When asked, authorities said they called him an "interested person" while investigating and connecting to the scene. 

4 hours 42 minutes ago

The video is a gunshot as people escape from the highland park parade shooting scene.

CNN Amanda Jackson

19-year-old Reinan Lorey heard a gunshot on Monday in Highland, Illinois. I was in his apartment overlooking the parade route in the park. Laurie said he didn't realize it was a gunshot at first, but thought it was the sound of fireworks.  

"I saw everyone looking confused and running in horror," he told CNN. "Because I'm a photographer and videographer, my instinct was to record." 

In the video recorded by Lowrey, gunshots were heard immediately and people fled the scene. You can see. The video continues to gunshot (about 20 seconds in a one minute video) and you can hear people screaming.

After finishing the recording, Raleigh went downstairs and, along with his other neighbors, said he put people in the lobby of the building to ensure safety.

"I have never experienced this," he said. "You wouldn't expect this to happen."

He said police later searched the building of his apartment and shared the video he recorded with the authorities. ..

Watch the video:

5 hours 26 minutes ago

Illinois Senator Highland Park Community

From CNN's Chuck Johnston

{243 Senator Illinois Tammy Duckworth is working to provide the Highland Park community with the resources they need, both weeks and months after people recover from the tragedy, both in the ongoing search for suspects. Said.

"I am deeply grateful to my family who will never meet my loved one again, and it is clear that I am Governor Pritzker and Mayor Rotelling. I not only catch the shooter, but also We will do whatever we can at the federal level to help Highland Park and get the resources they need, "Duckworth said. 

Duckworth said he was in contact with President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas.

"This morning I woke up like most Americans, like a family of six killed to celebrate the pursuit of life, freedom, and happiness. The family no longer has the opportunity, "Duckworth said.