The jokes finally wrote themselves, said an appreciative and delighted Jimmy Kimmel last night, only hours after the gag-writing began in the Oval Office as Donald Trump sat speechless while rapper Kanye West held forth on, well, held forth.

“It was a crazy conversation,” Kimmel said on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, summing up the visit as the type of conversation usually held by “people wearing hospital bracelets.” (Watch Kimmel below).

West, Kimmel noted, “praised Trump’s ‘male energy’ and implied he was the strong, supportive father figure he never had. Eric and Donald Jr. were, like, get in line.”

JKL helpfully provided quote bubbles to show what Trump was thinking during West’s rant. “Starting to regret the hats,” was one, and “Where the hell is MC Hammer” another.

As for that hydrogen-fueled airplane that West suggested replace Air Force One, Kimmel said, “I think Kanye just pitched him the Hindenburg.”

Best moment of Kimmel’s monologue, though, came with a clip from Cast Away, with Tom Hanks speaking to Wilson the volleyball but with West’s speech dubbed in. Check it out:

Over on Comedy Central, the Daily Show with Trevor Noah marveled at how quickly West suddenly became the Right’s favorite rapper. “So step aside, nobody,” Noah said. “That’s a slot that’s never been filled before.”

“She has always stayed as far away from politics as she has from rhythm,” Noah joked, accompanied by a clip of Swift doing something that resembled dance. (Watch it above).

Watch Fallon here: