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Kathy Griffin Calls Out “Sleazebag” Russell Brand, Claims He Assaulted Her Friend At An AA Meeting: “It’s Just Gross”

Kathy Griffin is coming forward with her own allegations against comedian Russell Brand after he was hit with multiple accusations of sexual assault in the past week.

Griffin took to Instagram Sunday (Sept. 24), with a video in which she noted that she was ” actually excited about the news getting out about Russell Brand.”

“I mean, it has taken forever to catch up with that sleazebag,” she added. “Forever.”

The comedian acknowledged that she was not a victim of his, explaining that “guys like that don’t usually come for [her] cause they think of [her] as a dude.”

She continued, “So in that way I’m actually lucky, because they still can’t conceive that a woman tells jokes and that she might want equal pay.”

Griffin then relayed a story she said one of her friends had told her. The unnamed friend had allegedly attended an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting where Brand was the speaker.

“And afterwards she went to shake his hand for a good share, and she said that he just came right up to her, got in her face, pushed his groin against hers,” she claimed. “I’m not even gonna say [he was] trying to be funny. It’s just gross.”

She then proceeded to call out the “mindset of so many of these guy comics,” pointing to the potential of “many more [allegations] coming” for male comedians and actors.

“You don’t hear this crap about Dame Judi Dench,” she said. “You don’t hear, like, Julianne Moore is sexually assaulting somebody.”

She continued, “You don’t hear this stuff about Amy Schumer, and Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman, and Wanda Sykes,” then tagged all four of them in the caption of her post, along with the line, “Yeah… F**K #russellbrand. I’m goin off again!”

“What you hear about the women is not in this category,” she said in her video, noting that her “contemporaries” are often called “difficult, or the B word, or the other B word ‘bossy,’ or whatever.”

“The one I get all the time is ‘expensive and difficult,'” she asserted, “because I’m always fighting to try to get what the guys get. But you should know, in the female comedy world, it is constantly an uphill battle.”

She then told her followers, “It actually gives me a little comfort when guys like Russell Brand finally have some price to pay for the ridiculous success in light of this behavior.”

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