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Kathy Ho-Chol Demands Democrats Must Call 'Inmates' 'Inmates'

Call for immediate legislative action to address rising crime They took action on Monday to reassure themselves.

Hochul signed into law a bill passed by the Democratic-controlled Albany Congress that replaced the word "inmate" with "incarcerated person" in state law.

“For too long, as a society, we have viewed incarcerated individuals as inferior to humans. target and demoralize. } Monday.

However, Ho Chul's recent efforts to make the state more politically correct resulted in a 34.3% increase in homicides compared to July 2021, plus a drop in shootings last month. 13.4% Given the surge, she argues that she has misplaced some critical priorities.

Instead,& another 'Woke' Criminals 1st Law backed by the governor,and state senator Jim Tedisco (R-Schenectady) tweeted Monday afternoon.{17

"Welcome to Democratic-controlled New York...where 'jailed individuals' run asylums," said Michael Fraser, spokesman for Congressional Minority Leader William Barclay, in a tweet. rice field.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul listens to speakers during a news conference in New York, Thursday, July 21, 2022.
AP/Seth Wenig

Criticism sees more calls from Republicans Some Democrats, like Mayor Eric Adams, are calling Ho-Chol to bring state legislators back to Albany to reform a controversial bail law that has been accused of fueling a rise in crime. called to do so.

Hochul said he would like to wait until next year, after Novto assesses the effectiveness of changes made in the state budget approved in April, to implement these efforts. Denied. We have enough leeway to imprison those who threaten public safety.

"What I would like to start seeing is enforcement of these laws at all levels," Mr. Hochul told reporters in New York City,taking full advantage of current laws. continued to accuse the judge of not doing.

Inmates inside Albany County jail's veteran's pod gather for a group session with Sarah Polidore, center, executive director of field services for Moral Reconation Therapy, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017.
AP/Julie Jacobson

Polls show that the majority ofNew Yorkers Regarding crimes of concern, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Suffolk) hasmade bail reform a top goal in advance of the November 8 election against Hoochol..

"And as long as all the inmates are battering the prison guards all over New York, this pathetically weak governor will do nothing, but will serve as a policeman, eager to keep them safe. Greater risk.Repeal the HALT law!” Zeldin tweeted on Monday, in response to the new law Hochul previously signed into law a limit on solitary confinement. mentioned.

The new law on "incarcerated individuals" followsefforts begun under his predecessorand is an extension of Ho-chul's purported broader public safety efforts. Part, she calls for more patience with current bail laws.

U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin speaks to delegates and assembled party officials at the 2022 NYGOP Convention on March 1, 2022.
AP/John Minchillo

"In New York, we are all about justice and safety.

Another bill signed by the governor on Monday would allow parolees to participate in the required community supervision program in time. It is intended to help avoid additional imprisonment by increasing the

Recent political scandals involving Democrats like former Lieutenants. Some conservatives inBrian Benjamin, who resigned a few months agoamid a federal bribery scandal,said that members ofHo-chul's own party

"To avoid stigma, 'individuals committed to justice' are now called 'Democrats.'" 85} Conservative radio host Bob Lonsbury joked on Twitter: