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Kathy Hochul, a woman representing New York, won a big victory in the Democratic Party

The state of our housewife

On the phone. A temporary governor who sits in as a sit-in governor to replace the former governor and serves as apermanent governor.

Kathy Hochul interviewed even more than New York City Mayor Little Road Fountain Roy. So I was an intense and detailed reporter, so I searched for something important. For example, where did she get the wonderful white pantsuit of Primary Night?

"Lafayette 148. I started there long ago, so I went to their showroom and a friend of my good Irish designer took care of me."

Did she celebrate her big win with a drink last Tuesday?

"Yes, but not in advance. After that, I went to Tribeca's large rooftop space and drank a little champagne. We had staff, children, husbands and sisters Sheila We went to celebrate together. My daughter 32. I needed to hug her tightly.

"The situation has changed. When I ran for Vice Governor, I I saw people getting on and off the bus at the subway stop. It was clear that the woman was afraid to welcome the woman to be the governor, but you have to stand up on that occasion. You need to realize that they need to worry about their daughters and granddaughters, which means they are tough like nails if you have to.

"I'm not scared. I've had a champagne incident, crime, murder, madness, and inhumane experience. We have to show that women can handle whatever comes. Hmm. I don't have time to worry.

"In some of these Supreme Court decisionsI have to think for myself. I have to be surrounded by wise people. Must be. "

Kathy Hochul

So to save the soul and to be a lifeguard What about her own close friends in the meantime — will she run away for a few days?

"I love water. It's great to be on a boat with my husband for a while. I want to run away and stay with my family. I have a two month old grandson and take me to the stage I wanted to, so sometimes I grab a few hours here and there, but New York is now in the Archetypal Old West, and wecertainly want people to have guns. Not. That means I'm busy and have to call back to Congress.

"Listen, the truth was hard at first. I'm just a place. When I was a holder, I had to work hard. Every day was a fight. Some people were positively opposed to me — but I didn't do anything to get back to them. You see, I was down 10 points in the game. People in New York City didn't know me. I came from Buffalo. "Buffalo ?!"

"Women I do know that it has a lot of weight on my shoulders for me. It makes me a little emotional when I think about it. "

OK, OK. Go to her husband. How about your husband?

"He and my family? That's heritage. My husband, William — he's a lawyer — and he's the most patient. He understands when he says, "I can't." He walked the earth with me. He rolls on it. We have been married for 38 years and meet each other on weekends. I'm going for a walk. Or sneak up with me in a small restaurant with sneakers and sunglasses.

Yes, I see, but your Excellency shouldn't hit the white suit with ketchup.

Peter Guimaraes

Vice of his heart

Say about food and elections For example, owner of Bice Cucina restaurant in Midtown Peter Guimaraes : "The blockade of COVID killed my last effort, but I will try again to run for mayor. Republican ticket. Eric Adams hasn't fulfilled his campaign promise at all. He has to go. "

OK, but keep the pasta warm.

Other Opinions

R. All music from Kelly was yanked from the Beach Cafe jukebox. Kelly (now Persona Gratin) collided with a hamburger and was no longer welcomed at the Dave Goodside Upper East Side restaurant.

New York only, children, New York only.