Keep an eye on slippery Ghislaine Maxwell

Lock her in a glass cage.

Put a camera in the cell, hook it up to the Internet, livestream it to the world.

Double the guard. Double their pay. Make sure they can’t be bribed, don’t sleep on the job, aren’t watching television.

Better yet, put her in the middle of Times Square where the Elmos can keep an eye on her.

Whatever you do, don’t leave Ghislaine Maxwell alone — or hidden. Don’t you dare let her commit “suicide” like the depraved boss she served, Jeffrey Epstein.

For the sake of justice, do it right this time.

Football news:

The great Milan of the noughties are already coaches: Gattuso is rebuilding Napoli, Shevchenko is going to the Euro, some are still at the club
The Premier League will not have a winter break in the 2020/21 season. Start-September 12, end-may 23
Liverpool have entered talks with Bayern over Tiago
Vertonghen goes to Benfica. The contract is for 3 years
Arsenal will sign Willian in the next two days
Juventus highly rates Raul Jimenez. He's like Pirlo and Partici
Juventus are seriously Interested in Atletico midfielder Thomas