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Kelly Ripa Disses ‘Live’s New Opening: “I Think It’s Weird”

Live with Kelly and Mark‘s new opening for Season 36 is “weird” — and you can’t convince Kelly Ripa otherwise.

In the sequence, which debuted earlier this month, Ripa and Mark Consuelos are seen getting ready for the day. As they spit out their toothpaste and come back up to the mirror, their outfits suddenly change and they’re ready to go.

However, on this morning’s episode of Live, Ripa pointed out her gripes with the new opener to executive producer Michael Gelman.

“I noticed something backstage. We were waiting to go on,” she said as she settled into her seat. “Does anybody else think it’s weird that we start the show with the opening and Mark and I are spitting into a sink?”

When Gelman noted that it’s “real,” Ripa sarcastically reminded him that it’s “really real” the way they “spin around” and are magically “all dressed up.” She even shut down her husband when he called the scene “relatable.”

“Is it? I think it’s weird. I just noticed it. I was like, ‘Wait, are we spitting into a sink?’ That’s so weird,” she said, before later adding, “It’s the first time I noticed it. It struck me. I try never to watch the show. It’s back there while we’re waiting to go on and there’s a big monitor. I was like, ‘That’s weird. That’s a really weird thing to open a show with.'”

'Live with Kelly and Mark'
Photo: ABC

On the other hand, Consuelos was just a tad salty his flirtatious eyebrow trick was cut out, along with some other “good stuff.”

“There was a lot cut out,” Gelman admitted. “But a lot of good stuff in there.”

With Ripa still caught up in the spitting aspect of things, the Riverdale alum had to remind his wife that it was a “fake spit.”

“Of course, it was a fake spit,” she fired back. “Nothing came out. There’s not even a real sink there. But it’s just a weird look.”

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