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Ketangi Brown Jackson joins Supreme Court in turmoil

(CNN)JusticeKetangi Brown Jacksonjoins the Supreme Court on Thursday as the first woman The justice of African-Americans who made history and the beginning of decades of tenure.

But when she starts her job, the court is confused.

The country is recovering from the aftereffects of the most important term in decades. There, the majority overturned the half-century law on abortion by reversing theRoe v. Wade caseand expanding the right to arm. It's been over 10 years.

Judges work to maintain politeness in public, but this term's opinion has revealed the opposite of anger. The judge not only attacked the opponent's reasoning in the immediate case, but also renewed the dissatisfaction aired in the previous opinion.

Things don't settle down right away. Women's reproductive health, Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, and even new challenges related to same-sex marriagecould swirl in state and federal courts across the country. The related dispute somehow returns to the High Court and greets nine judges who are irreparably divided on many social issues. After confirming

, in her lively speech at South Loan in April, Jackson said in her family, "It took only one generation to go from quarantine to the US Supreme Court. I didn't. "

"This is a lifetime honor," she said, "Take this opportunity to join the court, promote the rule of law at the highest level, and for the future, of the law. Below is part of carrying out a shared project of democracy and equal justice. "

Jackson made the two necessary oaths on Thursday. Judge John Roberts took a constitutional oath, after which Jackson's successful Judge Stephen Breyer took a judicial oath at a ceremony in the West Conference Room before a small gathering of Jackson's family.

People who know her Jackson say that the time she served in her lower court prepared her for a multi-member organization divided into a high court. .. They split the country at a tremendous moment in history when Republicans accused her of being vulnerable to her child pornography crimes herher painstaking confirmation hearing. I believe I opened my eyes to the depth of.

"She has reached the pinnacle of her profession, but it is not clear if she will have a great influence by joining her colleague whose relationship is clearly deteriorating. "We are stepping into," said one friend. The person who asked for anonymity.

The next semester will be dramatic

Summer is usually the time for judges to flee Washington, but the next semester begins in three months There are serious cases in the docket.

On the first day of her term, Jackson sits in a seat reserved for the court's youngest justice and has federal jurisdiction over wetlands protected under the Water Purification Act. Listen to incidents that may limit you.

The next day, they hear about the constituency change from Alabama and explore the outline of thekey clause of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits voting practices that discriminate on the basis of race. ..
The Liberal Party remembers the words of the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2013 when the court eradicated another provision of the Voting Rights Act that led to the "infamous RBG" nickname. At the time,Gimberg wrote inthat throwing away protection was like "throwing an umbrella in a storm because it's not wet."
Two affirmative action cases that challenge admission policies at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina are not yet planned. Perhaps because he worked for Harvard's supervisory board, Jackson said in a confirmation hearing that he would withdraw from theHarvard controversy, but he could still dominate the North Carolina challenge.
The court will also handle proceedings with web designers who do not cooperate with same-sex couples due to objections to same-sex marriage. This is a sequel to the 2018 controversy in which the court endorsed a Colorado bakery that refused to make same-sex marriage cakes. The final opinion in that case was, carefully tuned for the immediate controversy, and had no national implications. New cases can have more drastic results.

All this will work, as the courts continue to try to determine who leaked the draft opinion on the abortion case one month before the official announcement. This move caused delusions in the High Court by breaking the norms of the High Court, and the judge questioned who of them or his clerk attempted to undermine the legitimacy of the court.

Jackson qualifies for her Sterling Ivy League, as well as for her diverse experience, including time as an assistant federal lawyer, a member of the U.S. Sentence Commission, and a private lawyer. Elected by President Joe Biden to practice, and two stints in prestigious federal courts. She is the first African-American woman in court and joins Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the only other mother of her school-aged children. Originally from Florida, Jackson was a teacher whose mother was a public school teacher, and her father graduated from law school as an adult and later became the chief adviser to the Miami Dade County Board of Education.

"It's powerful when people can see themselves among others," Biden said after Jackson was confirmed. ..

Biden said Jackson endured "verbal abuse" at theSenate confirmation hearing and praised her "calmness and calmness" in the face of Republican attacks. Stated.

"Angry, constant obstruction, the most sneaky and unfounded allegations and accusations. In the face of everything, Judge Jackson showed her incredible personality and integrity. Calm. Calm and calm. Patience and restraint. And yes, patience, and even joy, "Biden said.

Join the liberal faction

Two other liberal judges, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor-by an exaggerated exchange in some opinions Licking their wounds after the marked term --- Enjoy fresh energy and new perspectives, even if they lose their friend Breyer, who brought years of experience and hard-earned friendships with conservatives. It may be.

Jackson (Kagan, Barrett,Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, etc.) served as a clerk at Brett Kavanaugh in 1999, becoming familiar with court functions and joining the bench. rice field. But every time a new justice takes her seat, it changes the dynamics of the entire court.

Jackson settled during the liberal faction and is sometimes instructed by Sotomayor. Sotomayor has the right to allocate for her elders when the liberals are against it. They work together on how to fight the conservative majority when splitting them along the lines of ideology. This term, when the conservatives overturned the Roe v. Wade case, it was senior liberal Breyer who decided to file a joint objection rather than an individual objection with others. .. Such a force is rarely shown, emphasizing the gravity of the case.

Each justice brings her own style to the bench. For example, Kagan often seeks a narrow area of ​​consensus to find ways to minimize conservative benefits. Sotomayor, meanwhile, hopes thatwill write to the raftersand that her dissenting opinion will one day become the majority. In the lower court, Jackson was known for her long and meticulous opinion and her reputation as a solid advancer.

But it takes years to determine exactly where she sits on the magnificent scale.

For the five members of the court's right wing, it is clear that they are ready to continue the court's right move at a fast pace this quarter, avoiding precedent if necessary. I sent a message. The abortion case showed both the fact that they did not require Roberts' vote and his preference for gradualism. They take the reins from the chief and plan their own course.

"Judge Jackson joins a court representing two completely different visions of the United States and its Constitution, along with a conservative majority and more liberal opponents," said Elizabeth of the Liberal Constitutional Liability Center. President Weilla said.

"She says she can quickly write a majority opinion that proves equal rights or promotes freedom in a way that allows all people and diverse communities to thrive. You won't have an illusion, "said Widera.

This story was updated after Judge Jackson joined the court.