KFC turned to self-driving cars in China to deliver fried chicken limiting human contact

The famous fried chicken company uses autonomous vehicles connected to 5G networks and QR codes to distribute its product on the streets of Shanghai.

November 26, 2020 3 min read

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Although it is still unknown if this dynamic is related to a marketing action or real tests for a future way of operating its services, the famous fried chicken franchise has delivered its orders door to door with these autonomous vehicles, a concept very similar to that of ´food trucks´, in which food is delivered to your house without having to go out to look for the truck. All of the above is due to a Chinese company that launched this innovative way of delivering KFC orders to the streets.

This dynamic is quite original and effective, especially in these times of pandemic, since there is no contact with customers, workers or with the transport driver, therefore, the risk of contagions is reduced.

The appearance of these mini-vehicles was something unexpected for the residents, since without any warning they began to circulate on the streets of the city of Shanghai, identified with the corporate image of KFC, all autonomous and without drivers, but full of food. When some of the customers approached to try the menu, it was enough to point the camera of their mobile device to a QR code.

How is the process of purchase?

The images of the two vehicles were disseminated by the Twitter user @Shaghaineko , in which he shows how some products of this chain could be bought, once the client selected one and completed the transaction, one of the side doors opened to be able to receive the order.

Image: @shanghaineko

By means of a screen located above the autonomous vehicles, the current prices and menus of each product were indicated. All this that is mentioned without the intervention of a human.

In the same way, a sign indicating 5G can be seen on the top of the truck, which could represent a promotional action linked to an operator that had the intention of showing technological advances offered by companies to users.

It is not yet clear if this is a KFC pilot program, but it seems like a good strategy and it would not be surprising if they were used on a daily basis in the future.

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