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Kristin Davis opens up on her self-acceptance journey, says she ‘finally’ loves her body

Kristin Davis says she’s finally happy in the skin she’s in.

The “And Just Like That…” star, 58, has been open and honest about her journey to self-acceptance, previously revealing that she opted for cosmetic procedures in a bid to maintain her youthful look.

After years of grappling with her appearance, the actress, who found fame playing Charlotte York on the hit HBO series, now finally feels comfortable in her body.

“Finally I have come to accept and love my body shape — so rather than worrying about not being stick thin — I just do things I enjoy like yoga and Pilates,” she told Woman magazine, per Daily Mail.

“Women particularly live in a really ageist society and it’s important we only get procedures done if we want to, and not because we feel pressure.”

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are seen on the set of "And Just Like That..."
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Speaking to Haute Living in June, Davis said Hollywood was “literally a place of stick-skinny women with blond hair and blue eyes” when she kickstarted her career in the ’90s.

After dipping her toe into the cosmetic procedure world by trying out Botox, Davis said she was “ridiculed relentlessly” by online trolls over her appearance.

“It’s hard to be confronted with your younger self at all times,” Davis told The Telegraph in June.

Kristin Davis as Charlotte York on the hit HBO series, "Sex and the City."
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“And it’s a challenge to remember that you don’t have to look like that,” she said. “The internet wants you to — but they also don’t want you to. They’re very conflicted …”

The “Sex and the City” alum said Botox “didn’t do anything else for a long time,” and she soon turned to fillers.

Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt in "And Just Like That..."
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“I have done fillers and it’s been good and I’ve done fillers and it’s been bad,” she told the outlet. “I’ve had to get them dissolved and I’ve been ridiculed relentlessly. And I have shed tears about it. It’s very stressful.”

The actress said “people personally blame us when it goes wrong” when it’s the doctors who carry out the work.

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Elsewhere, Davis opened up about the work she’s had done to her lips, which has been the subject of much online hate since the “SATC” spinoff premiered.

“No one told me it didn’t look good for the longest time,” she told the publication at the time. “But luckily I do have good friends who did say eventually.”

“The thing is you don’t smile at yourself in the mirror. Who smiles at themselves in the mirror? Crazy people,” she added.