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Kyiv's bombing was considered a slap in the G7, and the girl was rescued from the rubble by an attack.

Russia targeted the Ukrainian capital on Sunday with a new airstrike in Kieu for the first time in weeks. In the Kremlin.

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko said in a Telegram messaging app that 14 missiles were the first attack on the Kyiv region since June 5.

According to a preliminary report, one person was killed and four were injured, according to the Prosecutor's Office.

Emergency workers fought the fire and rescued civilians, including a seven-year-old girl, from the rubble in the aftermath, said Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.  

A former professional boxer who turned from a former professional boxer to a politician said two homes were attacked by Russian troops.

A nearby kindergarten was also damaged. Videoposted on Twittershows a giant crater in the school courtyard, right next to a pint-sized children's playset.

Firefighters at the scene of a building hit by Russian shelling in Kyiv, Ukraine on June 26, 2022.
AP Photo / Nariman Elmofti

The rescued 7-year-old child is in a hurry According to the Omatodit National Children's Hospital, which is treating her, a hospital with "moderate blast injuries".

"The girl suffered many wounds, bruises and abrasions"The hospital said in a Facebook post on Sunday."The child has had surgery, now she is in a stable condition. Her life is not at risk."

In other videos posted on social media , Several first responders safely carried the girl on a shack from a badly damaged building. When she was taken to the emergency transport, one first responder was seen holding the young girl's hand.

Russia attacked Kyiv for the first time since June 5.
AP Photo / Nariman Elmofty

I heard two other explosions in Kyiv However, it was not clear if there were any casualties or the causes behind them.

In Cherkasy, southeastern Kyiv, two Russian strikes killed one and injured five, Governor Igortabrez said.

A Ukrainian Air Force official said a Russian plane over the Caspian Sea had launched a cruise missile.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said two residential buildings were hit in the bombing.
AP Photo / Nariman Elmofty
President Joe Biden called the attack "barbarism" from Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G7 Summit.
AP Photo / Nariman El Mofty

Klitschko tells journalists that the assault prior to the NATO summit in Madrid is a "probably symbolic attack" He said he believed.

However, Russia's attack was not defeated by theworld leaders who gathered in the Bavarian Alps on Sundayfor the International Summit.

President Biden condemned Russia's latest attack by President Vladimir Putin.

"It's a lot of their barbarism," he said in Germany at the beginning of the summit.

The US President told other G7 allies to "be together" on Sunday as the group moved to ban Russia's gold imports.

Russian troops are strengthening control of the last Ukrainian fortress in the eastern part of Luhansk,taking over the city of Sieviero Donetsk on Saturday.

The city has a chemical factory where hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians were hiding. According to Ukrainian officials, the plant is now in the hands of Russians.

Russian Defense Ministry representative Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday that Russia and its separatist forces dominate Severodonetsk and the surrounding villages.

Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that Severodonetsk has been defeated by Russian troops.

Russia was also hitting the neighboring city of Lysychans'k with heavy air strikes, including knocking out television stations and damaging bridges, Governor Luhansk Oblast said on Sunday.

"There are so many destructions — Lysychans'k is almost unrecognizable," he said on Facebook.

If Russia occupies Lysychans'k, the Kremlin will try to occupy the entire Donbass region, making the invading nation all the major settlements in the state.

Russia has also launched dozens of missiles in areas far from the eastern battlefield. According to Ukraine's Air Force Command, some of the attacks were by Belarus-based long-range bombers, the first since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

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