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Kyrie Irving "focused" on forcing the Lakers road in Kevin Durant's news

I don't know where Kyrie Irving will be traded, but I know he wants to be the Los Angeles Lakers.

Stephen A. Smith and Brian Windhorst do the same on ESPN's broadcast on Thursday after the bomb news that Kevin Durant requested a deal from Brooklyn Nets. Said to.

"Kyrie Irving is telling everyone who is going to LA to mean the Lakers as soon as possible,"Smith said. "He may have to go through this season, and when he becomes a free agent after the end of the season, he plans to rejoin LeBron James in the Los Angeles Lakers uniform. You'll have about $ 70-80 million under the cap. They'll use it in Kyrie Irving — or he believes. ”

Windhorst said. Irving's plan was to bring his talent to Tinseltown.

Kyrie Irving is 'focused' on forcing his way to the Lakers, according to multiple ESPN reporters.
NBAE via Getty Images

"Kyrie Irving is leaving town as soon as possible. As Stephen A. said, he's focused on forcing himself to the Lakers, "said Windhorst. "When I talked to league executives over the past few hours, the value of Kyrie Irving in the trade has definitely plummeted. They know he's going to be a pure lessor. If you don't want to go into the situation, it's not clear what he will do. As Stephen A. has said many times, he isn't even willing to play where he wants to play. Not to mention where you don't want to play. "

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In another segment, the Lakers emerged the idea of ​​having a viable trade package that could be sent online for both Irving and Durant.

There is a warning that Irving and Durant don't know where they are standing as long as they want to keep playing with each other, Windhorst. States: … After seeing what happened when they were together, teams with options rarely did it — but the Lakers have no options!

Later, former net Richard Jefferson vowed to retire from the "NBA Today" if his deal failed.