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Landlord more than doubles tenant’s rent to $2.2K, leading to fiery social media backlash

Heartless homeowner.

A Florida landlord and real estate investor is facing backlash after he posted a series of videos where he raised the rent of his tenants.

In one of the videos, Raul Bolufe of Miami informed a tenant who’s lived at the property for 10 years he would be raising her rent from a lowly $1,100 to $2,500 a month citing “today’s market.”

“There’s houses in that area going for $2,500,” Bolufe nonchalantly tells the woman. “We could take the lowered end of $2,000-$2,200.”

Part one of the three-part TikTok has gained nearly 2 million views since Bolufe posted it.

“Are you kidding me? That has to be a joke! I can’t afford that s—t. I have kids and I’m already working two jobs as it is,” the tenant responded.

In a second video, a furious tenant threatens Bolufe, saying she’ll call the cops and burn the house down “so nobody gets anything.”

Bolufe informs the woman if she doesn’t want to stay at the property for the new price, he’ll have to put in a “30-day notice,” and she can “leave peacefully, on time.”

“Look, I’m calling my brothers,” the second tenant said. And I dare you to try to pull up and give up the eviction notice. This is ridiculous. I’m not paying over double my rent.”

Bolufe informs the tenant that he'll have to take appropriate actions to get her out of the property peacefully.

A third video posted by Bolufe shows him sitting in his car in front of the property while on the phone with the tenant, trying to meet with her in person to discuss the issues further.

“You really thought I’d meet you in person after you tried to double my rent,” the tenant angrily tells Bolufe. “I’m not paying more than $1,100.”

The tenant, who refuses to budge on paying more than what she currently is, told Bolufe that she’s not leaving and that she’s changed the locks on the property.

Bolufe arrived at the property to meet with the tenant in person, but was informed that she had no interest in meeting with him.

The three-parter TikTok, which has amassed nearly 5 million views, has commenters in a frenzy, having some call it “legalized theft.”

“Ridiculous … and he does it with a smile. This is why no one can afford to live anywhere… it’s sad,” one user commented on Bolufe’s TikTok.

“This is sad. Obviously she’s a good renter… I’d take a solid renter over the potential of fluctuating ones,” another user commented.

“Dude really filmed himself like this was gonna be received well,” commented another.

The tenant threatens to burn the house down if Bolufe tries to take the property from her since she won't pay more in rent.

“Y’all don’t understand this from a business perspective, it’s not her fault, but he can’t afford to rent a property for 40% of the average to be nice,” one comment read.

“I mean it’s business, even though people might not think it’s morally right it is business,” another commented in defense of Bolufe.

“$1,100 [in] 2023 is insane. She knew it was coming,” one user commented, blaming the tenant for not expecting the raise in rent.