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"Large sharks are here": Scientists give a disastrous warning to those who go to the beaches of Cape Cod

Sharks are clenching their teeth in beach life near Cape Cod.

After sightings closed the area's beaches this week, scientists have found large cannibals, including great whites, lurking in the waters near their popular vacation destinations. I warned.

"Know that the big sharkofis here," Megan Winton, a researcher at the Atlantic WhiteShark Conservancy, said at a press conference Wednesday. "They are always present from June to autumn."

Winton urged swimmers to pay attention to the swimmers after a large white was found on the head of Meadow Beach in Trulo on Tuesday, alerting authorities. I urged the coastline to be closed for about an hour.

Track confirmed and unconfirmed sightingsAtlantic White Shark Conservancy's Harktivity appfound at least 11 sharks in the area over the past week. ..

As the weather warms, top predators begin to move to the coast of Massachusetts. And they often swim near coastlines that fall dramatically into the deep sea, biologists said.


"Same approaches the coast when the water is deep. Massachusetts Greg Skomal, a marine biologist studying the great whites in the state, said

Great White is a thriving lizard that flock to the section of Cape Cod facing the Atlantic Ocean. He said he tends to enjoy numbers.

Earlier this month, a large white shark swimming with his vacationing familywas filmed on a boat trip near Cape Cod. This brings great fear to the hearts of those who go to the beach.

Cape Cod

Wednesday vacationers said {47 said they plan to stay in shallow water} CBS Boston.

"I will probably put my toes — That's it, "said Nicole Fachi, who was visiting Cape Cod from Cleveland, Ohio.

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