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Laura Ingraham: Our Republic is being pulled apart at the seams

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Laura Ingraham explained how President Biden, traditionally known as the leader of the free world, was laughed at with "The Ingraham Angle".

LAURA INGRAHAM: Doesn't he look like a guy who just got a lot of bites in his sixth grade? He will forever be grateful to Mitch McConnell for keeping the Aparatic off the court. He said nothing today. He did not change his mind about the validity of this raid. Well, today he's fake what we've seen this week, including five minutes of nothingness. 

Laura Ingraham: The Foreign Office is run by powerful post-US military cadres

It is a complete disgrace to America. Now, making Trump his FBI deputy to the current president is to expect his FSB in Russia, not a proud constitutional republic. The signal to the world is unmistakable. Our 246-year-old republic is about to be torn at the seams. So a dictator can say, "Look, I told you all this democracy is a scam."

After all, their president can try to put political critics in jail just like we do. Our President, who is known as the leader, feared his political nemesis made a mockery of him and let his Justice Department minions know they needed to end Trump politically for good. , remember that it was last spring that the Biden people used the New York Times stenographer to get the word out to Garland, as we reported on Monday. 

Merrick Garland. (Photo by AL DRAGO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Merrick Garland. (Photo by AL DRAGO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

They privately complain that Biden wants Garland Trump and he acted like a prosecutor when it came to January 6th. Biden and the Justice Department have completely lost control of this narrative. After that dramatic Monday raid, they were positively shocked and stunned to see Republicans closing ranks. 


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