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Law Enforcement Officer: The Supreme Court's Gun Decision Will Make Our Work More Difficult

(CNN)New York State LawGuns outside would have dramatic consequences for law enforcement agencies, removing illegal guns from the streets and hampering their ability to protect civilians from shooting, officials said.

In expanding gun rights, the widest in 10 years, Thursday's court decision changed the framework used by lower courts across the country in analyzing restrictions on other guns. .. The case is remanded to the lower court and the law is valid until it goes through the lower court proceedings.

The proceedings, filed by members of the National Rifle Association, allow public transport of more guns in the country's largest cities, a national law, including Massachusetts and California. May be disabled. Previously, New York state law required you to give a "reasonable reason" before getting a license.

Judgment is when law enforcement officerscontinue to fight the threat of gun violence, gun surges on the streets, and unregulated ghost gun growth. Will be done in. Onset of pandemic. Law enforcement officials said the decision would have a spillover effect, exacerbate the problem of gun violence, and make it more difficult for police officers to identify who is illegally carrying a gun in public. rice field.

"The state of New York concludes that the state's licensing system is unconstitutional because it only issues public carry licenses if the applicant indicates a special need for self-defense. Judge Clarence Thomas wrote in court, 6-3 majority.

New York Police Department member Keychant Seawell claimed that "nothing would change" after the ruling, adding that "if you have an illegal gun in New York City, you will be arrested." rice field.

"Opening the world of carry permits could bring more guns to New York City, which should affect us all," Sewell said Thursday.

However, the High Court ruling "changed the game" by the country's daily police officer, said former NYPD captain Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, when he appeared on MSNBC.

"It's really hard to see how to distinguish between a legitimate carry and someone who carries it illegally," Adams said. "And in big cities across the United States, they deal with the bad days individuals have in the city, but they are armed with weapons. You can see a simple dispute leading to shooting. The Supreme Court is a real concern. A court has been set up. "

Similarly, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said the court's decision was" not only in New York City, but across the country. "It seriously undermines public safety," said his office, a procedure to "mitigate the damage done today."

Judgment is brought about by police promoting gun control

Constitutional "constitutional carry", or unauthorized carry, law Law enforcement authorities claiming permit requirements are essential to maintaining public security standards. Without it, police officers face even greater challenges in combating gun violence, further complicating encounters with civilians, they say.

Major national police groups have joined forces to promote legislation in Congress calling for a crackdown on gun crime. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) can be done to combat gun violence and dramatically reduce the number of Americans killed in provocative and indescribable violence. We have been actively supporting gun control efforts to identify specific solutions: "According to a joint letter issued in late May.

Submitted in September 2021Amikas BriefLaw enforcement agencies in several cities, including Boston, Los Angeles Philadelphia, and Washington DC, argued that courts should uphold New York law, and they said, "Be cautious. It is expected to remove local discretion from the hidden carry license system. "

"Reliable data does not suggest that increasing the number of people carrying hidden firearms will improve public safety, especially in our big cities." It is stated in.

A state with weak gun law and high gun mortality, including murder, according to a January study by Everytown for Gun Safety, a leading nonprofit organization focused on preventing gun violence. So it turns out that there is a direct correlation. , Suicide and accidental killing.

According to Everytown, 25 states are generally allowed to carry hidden weapons in most public spaces without permits, background checks, and safety training. According to a

study, thestate is weakening the permit systemhas increased pistol murder rates by 11% and overall violent crime rates from 13% to 15 %Increased has.

In a statement to CNN, President John Feinblatt of Everytown said: What does the ruling do?

Chiefs are worried about more guns on the street

New precedents, depending on the outcome of lawsuits in each state to challenge gun controls Police may lose police due to Michael Harrison, police chief of the Baltimore police station and director of the Police Execution Research Forum, using reasonable allegations under the Fourth Amendment to illegally use guns The legitimate right to stop, search, and arrest those who carry them.

Police officers are trained to characterize people armed with hidden weapons, saying that individuals carried in public with permission are law-abiding citizens. Harrison said. But the concern is that if more people carry weapons, criminals will be more daring to carry and use weapons illegally, making it even more difficult for police to identify weapons. Harrison added.

"The number of violent crimes, murders and shootings seen here in Baltimore has made those guns just because people have made a conscious decision to carry them illegally. There is a willingness to use it. This decision is now increasing exponentially, exacerbating the problem. "

Los Angeles Police Department Secretary Michel Moore told CNN that the decision would put law enforcement in a "nightmare of the situation" and could have a "catastrophic effect" in California. rice field. According to Everytown, the country.

"California's state law is inconsistent with the Supreme Court's ruling, so a state lawsuit is expected," Moore said. Anyone who carries it is permitted.

Moore's agency recovered more pistols in 2021 than it did in more than 10 years, Moore said.

Laws such as Carrie without permission also complicate law enforcement agencies' response to active shootings, Teresa Ewins, police chief in Lincoln, Nebraska, previously told CNN.

Officers responding to active shooter scenarios are forced to make momentary decisions to thwart imminent threats to public safety, while on-site bystanders with weapons are forced to make momentary decisions. It only complicates the encounter, Ewins said.

"If someone feels the right to enter a business, coliseum, or arena (while hiding their carry), there will be controversy," Ewins said. "Then, law enforcement agencies need to respond and try to escalate. Understand who has a gun, who doesn't have one, and who isn't trained. This is another difficult layer for them, as it is difficult. ""

CNN law enforcement analyst and former Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey said the ruling was "so far. He said he would endanger officers in the hope that more "armed people" would be added.

"If people don't need to give a good reason why they should hide and carry firearms, it's going to be even more people you really don't have a good reason to and shouldn't. It means you have hidden weapons. "

When more people are armed, common incidents such as road anger and street conflicts are gunfights. Ramsey said he was likely to escalate to.

"From here you can see people who aren't really criminals, but because they are armed and untrained, when is appropriate and when can they be legal? You don't have to understand the law in that respect. It uses deadly power. " "And why can't we expect bad things to happen?"