Lawyer for accused child rapist compares client to Harvey Weinstein

A lawyer for the EMT accused of raping a 10-year-old girl in her Queens home tried to get his bail lowered Monday — by comparing his case to Harvey Weinstein’s.

Frantz Petion has been locked up on $500,000 bond since March, when he allegedly snuck into the child’s attic bedroom and attacked the little girl while she was sleeping.

The 25-year-old’s lawyer John DeMaio blamed his client’s bail situation on an “inequality of justice” when compared to Weinstein’s. The disgraced movie producer, who is accused of rape and sexual assault against two women, is free on $1 million bail and under GPS monitoring via an ankle bracelet.

“My client has a single witness unlikely to testify. Harvey Weinstein has 100 accusers,” DeMaio shockingly argued in Queens Supreme Court. “His arrest and bail, his posting of bail, his kind of bail, was all pre-arranged. Harvey Weinstein was given an ankle bracelet and allowed to leave the jurisdiction. My client has outrageous bail, impossible for an honorable, good family to meet.”

He added, “I would ask that this type of an inequality of circumstances between these two defendants be considered.”

Prosecutor Jackie Rizk blasted DeMaio’s argument, saying, “I don’t care about Harvey Weinstein. The evidence is compelling.”

Judge Richard Buchter agreed.

“There is no basis to reduce this bail. If anything, it could be set higher,” he said.

Later, the judge stated the obvious in slapping down the accused monster’s argument for lower bail: “Harvey Weinstein is not being accused of raping a 10-year-old,” Buchter intoned.

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