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Lee Greenwood and USA on July 4th: "Thank you for being in a free country."

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Country music star Lee Greenwood is probably best known for his iconic and inspiring song "God Bless the USA". And his accomplished career is extensive, and his attention and interest in America is very deeply rooted.

Recently,just before July 4,he partnered with global fireworks maker BlackCat® to create 42 shots of "proud to be American" fireworks. Made available in specific locations around the world. Country.

He spends a great deal of time regularly raising thousands of dollars for charities that support veterans, law enforcement agencies, etc. through the national organization Helping A Hero. I am.

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Just before July 4th of this year, Fox News Digital was starting a busy holiday weekend full of concert events, including a performance on July 5th. I talked to Greenwood on the phone.Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee 

"When I was a kid, I grew up on a farm in California. We were share croppers," he said. I told FoxNews Digital. 

Lee Greenwood spoke with Fox News Digital this weekend, just ahead of the 4th of July. He has more than 30 albums to his credit over his long and distinguished career as a country singer and musician. 

Lee Greenwood will be Fox News Digital this weekend I told you. Before July 4th. He owns more than 30 albums throughout his long and outstanding career as a country singer and musician. 

"We didn't spend much time on holidays. I worked in general, and I've been working on holidays since I was a kid.

"So it's not about the [July 4th] holiday, it's about reaffirming our belief that we are so grateful to be in a free country." "He said.

"My message is basically to remember that freedom is not freedom." 

Greenwood also said, " I think my message is basically to remember that freedom is not freedom. " 

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and fireworks And every time I enjoyed other celebrations, fourth, he said, "Remember that it was paid in blood by our soldiers, our troops. That is my message now. I added.

Lee Greenwood is shown performing on stage during a Music Memorial for Jeff Carson at Nashville Palace on May 10, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. 

Lee Greenwood on stage at the Music Memorial Hall Shows playing for Jeff Carson at Nashville Palace on May 10, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Terry Wyatt / Getty Images)

What do you think of him? Politicalization by so many people today.

"It's sometimes very difficult to get away from politics," he said. "Of course, politics is everything, not just the politicians of Washington D.C., but trying to change the country, left or right, in the middle, whatever."

"I'm trying to do it." Being true to my art, my music, my family, and certainly my country, "he added. 

"Freedom brings discord, but it also brings unity in the event of a crisis."

He is a recent family member. I explained about my trip to Croatia and my wife Kim's trip to London. He also said that when she returned, she spoke to many of the people she met and there, and they were surprised by the reports of anxiety and dissent over so many issues in the United States today. 

"And I told her, well, that's what freedom brings. Freedom brings discord, but when a crisis comes, it also brings unity," Greenwood said. Wood said. "As you know, I was visibly deeply involved in the reconstruction of America shortly after 9/11, and I continue to do so. I am trying to break the division and foster unity. "

He said thatfocused on family and faith, which are at the heart of his life in every respect.

Greenwood said he was often grateful to people after concerts and other events. 

"I was humbled by it," he said, "and I really don't need justification for what I do — but people say this is me. It's a surface for me. This is deep for me. "

Lee Greenwood takes time to talk with members of the U.S. Navy during a visit to "Fox and Friends" at the Fox News Channel studios on May 27, 2022, in New York City. 

Lee Greenwood takes time to talk to US members. The Navy is visiting "Fox and Friends" at Fox News Channel Studios in New York City on May 27, 2022.  (Roy Rochlin / Getty Images)

He takes time for people to thank him and express his gratitude. Said, "It's pretty cool." In particular, I thought with him about his iconic song "God Bless the USA". " 

" And it's also people of all ages, "he said. "Grandparents told it to their parents, and they seemed to tell it to their children."

"That's how God works. You make a plan, then things change. You can't really plan what his plan is. I follow that axiom. "

Greenwood said," As it resonated with people. It's just music that you can see. "God Breath the USA" makes a lot of sense to people when it's played at the end of a fireworks show, "he said.

Lee Greenwood performs during the "Fox and Friends" naturalization ceremony for Veterans Day at Fox News Channel studios on Nov. 11, 2019, in New York City. 

Lee Greenwood will be on November 11, 2019. Performs at the "Fox and Friends" Naturalization Ceremony for Veterans Day at Fox News Channel Studios in New York City on November.  (Roy Rochlin / Getty Images)

Greenwood has revealed that "God Bless the USA" was not originally intended for singles.

"I'm a share cropper farmer from California and most of the time I ate cotton. I didn't expect it to reach its peak. And When I was at MCA, I wrote the song for an album that was cut back in 1983. There was no suggestion or promise to be a single. "

"I love singing, I love being a musician and an artist, and I love being funny."

"Only the Universal Company requested a single for that album." [Later] — It was my 4th or 5th album at MCA at the time, and if they didn't make that choice, I wouldn't have heard of it. " 

But "it's the way God works," Greenwood said. , And that's because you can't really plan what his plan is. I obey that axiom.

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What keeps him moving.

"I love what I do. I love singing, I love being a musician and an artist. And I love to have fun. His group is Tony Orlando. 

He is also very active in the Houston-based charity Helping A Hero, giving back to the injured brave American warrior.

"I'm proud to do this," he said. 

He said helping a hero is "very unique." 

"We are moving fast to build 200 homes in the 10 years we have given — and another 100 homes this year," he said.

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Helping A Hero for everyone. org or Lee Greenwood. You can access com "I'm home to help" need and deserve an injured warrior "in the United States."

Greenwood owns more than 30 albums.

And when he sings some songs from that incredible piece, people say, "Oh yeah, I remember it, and I remember it. And I remember that too. " ""

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Lee Greenwood is a former Miss Tennessee wife I'm married to Kimberly Payne. They married in Nashville in 1992 and have two sons, Dalton and Parker.

In 1985, he was named the Song of the Year at the "God Breath the America" Country Music Awards.

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