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Letter to the Editor — July 1, 2022

Problem: Former Trump Aide Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony to the House Select Commission on January 6

Cassidy Hutchinson Is a testimony that made a strong statement, but was it all true ("Don who supported the violence of the Capitol" June 29)?

Much of her story was entirely based on "hearsay" — she told her what she saw and heard. Generally, such hearsay evidence is not permitted in legal proceedings.

The real test is whether someone who knows the event directly is called to confirm or reject her story.

It is reported that a secret service agent has denied one of the cases and is ready to testify. If so, we will know the true story.

Harold Fishman

Former President Donald Trump is always distracting the truth.

He said he knew little about who Hutchinson was in a breath, then she was a fake, and then a leaker. He is completely embarrassed by the president and the country.

Hopefully he will wear an orange jumpsuit in the near future. That's not surprising.

Hank Hyperbole

Hatchinson's hearsay before the January 6th Commission was a used soap opera, probably Designed for maximum smear potential across the fabric, which is highly exaggerated or crafted.

Where are the witnesses Trump holding the steering wheel from the secret service driver?

S. Silver

While working at the White House, Hutchinson probably said she was with a real man. She thought they were just imitations, courage, fearless, compassionate, "real" patriotism, honesty, strength, and other positive traits you can imagine. I noticed that it was missing.

Both Hutchinson and Senator Liz Cheney have shown us all that they are genuine. Real women have been surrounded by cheap knock-like male versions for years for all intents and purposes. -off.

And if anyone can help these same people find a spine they can use, they will be most obligatory.

Bob Bascelli

Seeing Hutchinson's testimony, I was amazed at how she testified second and third. rice field. -Hand information.

She had never witnessed the incident, but was nevertheless reported and sworn in as a fact. Hearsay that even Judge Judy will not accept it in court.

J. Impreveduto
Naples, Florida

Now you can add Hutchinson to a relatively small number of prestigious Republicans. I can do it. Go ahead to reveal their knowledge of corruption and moral bankruptcy of Trump and the many who served him.

Hutchinson was in a position to know much of what happened at the Trump White House as Chief of Staff Mark Meadows' right-hand aide.

Hutchinson knows that by witnessing in front of the Commission on January 6, he will permanently burn the bridge between Trump and his loyal companions and be intimidated as a liar. rice field.

She did, despite the many shortcomings of her testimony. Given what we know about Trump, her testimony was fascinating, compelling, and completely credible.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township, PA

Following Hutchinson's testimony, I'm stubbornly relentless. Feel the screaming "Trump 2024" is harder to find than a Trump University diploma.

Vin Morabito
Scranton, PA

First, Hutchinson wasn't in Trump's car, so someone I'm just repeating what I said to her.

Second, the agent in her car is ready to testify under her oath that nothing happened.

So what if he throws food at the wall? Many people, including myself, throw food at the wall when they are angry. What's the big deal?

Richard A. Ketty
Newark, NJ

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