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Letter to the Editor — July 2, 2022

Problem: A 20-year-old mother shot while pushing a child in a stroller on the upper east side.

I read with great fear about this pointless killing on the Upper East Side ("Shot Push Stroller",June 30).

My nephew, his wife and his little son live in the Upper East Side. Julie Menin, a councilor representing the Eastside district, needs to understand that prayers for the families of the victims are of little comfort to those who mourn their loved ones.

The key is to get rid of illegal guns and their owners off the streets and change the absolutely moralic bailout reform law that exists in New York. It is also helpful to remove Alvin Bragg, a lawyer in the Manhattan area.

Martinger Finkle
Staten Island

I thought I saw all sorts of corruption that could happen in the city of New York. But shooting a 20-year-old mom pushing her baby in a stroller is a horrifying escalation of the descent into the turmoil of Manhattan.

Even the party boy Mayor Adams is confused about holding a ceremonial press conference for her dead mom and promising the justice of her corpse, whatever that means. I was confused.

I made a fatal mistake in the election of this mayor.

Ron Spurga

Yet another innocent New Yorker guns while walking with his baby in a stroller Was the victim of violence.

Those who have committed such vicious crimes, as these shootings ultimately call on these helpless liberal politicians to awaken to demand a change in the criminal system. Will be permanently locked up in prison without the opportunity to parlor?

These politicians seem to be only concerned about the rights of criminals, not the rights of citizens to comply with the law.

Adams continues to talk about turning things around in the city, but so far he hasn't done anything to improve anything.

John Amato
Fresh Meadows

It's time for Adams and Hochul to step up and clean the city. All this blood is in their hands and in the hands of other leaders in New York.

I'm sick of them and their nonsense. Maybe Adams should stop fighting with Rudy Giuliani and chase after the criminal. He is Bill de Brasio again.

James Pappas

Problem: Famous subway saxophonist Jazz Ajilo arrested Thursday.

The subway system is finally gaining police presence and what do they do ("Eric Jazz is about the bust" June 29)? Chase the innocent man who is trying to bring a little joy to the world.

Jazz Ajilo didn't deserve to be carried by hand. He obviously didn't know he was violating anything. This guy has played his art in exactly the same place for years.

This was an attempt to deprive someone of their dignity.

The shame of the police and the shame of the mayor for supporting such unjust behavior. In a city that has clearly lost its common sense and dignity, this insults the injury. Chase the bad guys. Isn't it enough to keep you busy?

Pat Weich

The mayor puts his back to take care of the following serious crimes: It seems that he wants to tap it lightly. He plays an instrument on the subway.

Meanwhile, crime continues to escalate in the city of New York. Mayor, let's get out of the clouds and return to the real problem in front of us.

Doc Ludemann
Bridgeport, Connecticut

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