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Letter to the Editor — July 3, 2022

Joe's hunter is lying
Voicemail exposure from President Byden to his son Hunter Byden is provocative Impact that may actually be widespread ("Joe's smoking voicemail"Miranda Devine, June 28).

Biden's deceptive attitude, which has been seen many times before the 2020 presidential election, is disappointing. He repeatedly lied about having knowledge of hunters' dubious foreign commerce.

Exacerbating these repeated denials is the question of how much this abomination actually compromises. Nothing is more rebellious than the US president, who is being watched over by our most terrifying global enemy, China, because of his son's obscured, so-called commerce. It's time to do a comprehensive survey of the Biden family's "business" Shenanigan.

Dennis David

East Rock Away

Gislane Prison

Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's co-conspirator ("Finally!" June 29).
She seduced, exploited, captured, and acted as a sex object on demand for a young girl.

The court denied her defense that the abuse of her father made her vulnerable to Epstein's manipulative tactics.

Maxwell did not apologize and lamented the irreparable dirt she had for Epstein.

Uh. According to court records, Epstein was stuffing her $ 30 million in her account, so there was a stain and a foul odor she had. She caused immense sadness to the young girl.

Mark Greenwood

Opelica, Alabama

Climate Victims
Environmentalism hasn't been part of the ugly, racially discriminatory history, but it's not the character of today ("Enviros vs. You" , Glenn Harlan Reynolds, PostOpinion, June 27).
Interestingly, it is the elite who are trying to keep renewable energies such as wind and solar out of orbit by complaining about their views.

The fact is that poor workers are most affected by contaminating fossil fuels. Living near highway-dense areas and fossil-fueled heavy industries puts people at serious risk of illness and premature death, causing asthma, weight loss at birth, and maternal mortality. Will be higher. All these risks disproportionately hurt blacks.

Laurie Joan Aaron


Scary Joe
Consider the need for President Byden's notes, his constant stunned hesitation when speaking, and the need for people to direct him ("Take notes, Joe!" June 25).

Now let's say this is how your new investment advisor, dentist cardiologist or mechanic behaves. How comfortable would you be in such a situation?

The problem is that this is the president of the United States. Isn't it strange that everything that Byden and his team have done since taking office is a complete catastrophe?

Let's hope that this ship, called America, which has two and a half years left on its voyage, can finish its journey without sinking.

Harry Winkler

West Palm Beach, Florida

Criminal Carousel
Due to criminal judicial reform vulnerable to crime, Michelle McKelly was arrested and released about 100 times without release ("100 arrests and counts" June 27). ..

Are you kidding? What is the number of magic that allows repeat criminals to be charged with their crimes?

It's no wonder that many people are fleeing the city. Sure, it wasn't New York that I once knew.

Mary F. Spiro

York, Pennsylvania

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