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TikTok's Libs say The Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz is responsible for "nervous" the post-docking threat

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The woman behind LibsofTikTok, who caused a sensation on social media, was threatened after a Washington Post article thatpublicly identified her. "I'm always nervous." 

"I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder. Every time I have to name something, my heart beats. It's anxious." She told Fox News Digital. 

In April, post-tech columnistTaylor Lorenz exposed the womanbehind TikTok's Libs. She supports the ideological principles of critical racial theory and is a liberal who embraces a broad spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. In her work, Lorenz accused TikTok of Libs for "anti-LGBTQ + spreading emotions" and for using "QAnon-related language" in the past.

Social media sensation Libs of TikTok is "always nervous going out in public" after receiving threats following a Washington Post story by Taylor Lorenz that publicly identified the person running the account.

Social media sensation TikTok's Libs are "always nervous" After being threatened following an article in the Washington Post by Taylor Lorenz who publicly identified the person who runs the account that has become. ( (Photo by Eric BARADAT / AFP) (GettyImages) ERIC BARADAT / AFP via ERICBARADAT / AFP) | CNBC TV / YouTube / Screenshot)

Eron Mask Slam Twitter Bias for TIK TOK's LIBS, ANGERS TAYLOR LORENZ

Lorenz faced strict surveillance to expose TikTok's Libs in a report, where her name, profession, religion and where she lived. Also contained hyperlinks that disclosed other personal information, but the Washington Post removed the link after being called by critics. Lorenz's exposure to TikTok's Libs was {41. } Lorenz's emotional appearance of MSNBCtook place shortly after condemning online harassment of himself and other women.

Earlier this month, the Libs of TikTok  – She is currently being threatened on a regular basis – shared a screenshot of a Twitter user who messaged her that a "pipe bomb" was on her way and urged her to kill herself. 

Billionaire Elon Musk, who is buying Twitter, blamed her social media platform for tweeting that she did nothing to protect her account from the "threat of murder." Musk asked Twitter why she wasn't restricting accounts accused of murder threats, and later speculated that the platform could be biased towards "half the country."

Mask's tweets created a wave of reaction on the platform, with support from conservatives and anger from liberals. According to screenshots shared by users, Twitter eventually shut down various accounts that threatened TikTok's Libs after Mask was involved. 


Libs of TikTok shared a photo showing Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz allegedly at the doorstep of one of her relatives. (Libs of TikTok/Twitter)

TikTok's Libs are from the Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz. The gateway to one of my relatives. (Libs of TikTok / Twitter)(Libs of TikTok / Twitter)

Libs of TikTok answers a series of saga questions from FoxNews Digital by email. Did. ..

Fox News Digital:How has your life changed since the Washington Post published a controversial article about you in Taylor Lorenz?  

TikTok's Libs:I'm always nervous about going out in public right now. I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder. Every time I have to name something, my heart beats. I'm worried. 

Fox News Digital:Do you hold Lorenz or Post accountable for the threats you receive?  

TikTok Library:Yes. I received only a handful of nonsensical threats before doxing. I'm receiving a huge amount now, and it's from people who actually know my name. It already makes the threat more serious. 

Fox News Digital:Do you think Twitter takes the threat to you seriously?  

TikTok's Libs:No. They took action only when Elon Musk called them.

YouTube states WAPO's corrections to Taylor Lorenz's contact with Instagram before the publication went wrong

Fox News Digital: Is there someone as powerful as Elon Musk asking Twitter on your behalf?

Libs of TikTok:The fact that a powerful person like Elon stood up for me publicly was the biggest surprise I've ever had, and personally big. It made sense. He stood up on Twitter for someone he didn't even know. I appreciate it very much. If he is in charge, he will give us hope for the future of Twitter. 

Taylor Lorenz's doxing of Libs of TikTok came only a few days after she appeared on MSNBC, where she became emotional on the topic of online harassment of women.

TikTok's Libs doxing by Taylor Lorenz is just Only a few days after she appeared on MSNBC, she became emotional about the topic of online harassment of women.

Fox News Digital:Do you agree with the musk that "a platform is not considered inclusive or fair if it is biased to half a country"? ..

TikTok library: 100%. 

Fox News Digital: I heard that Twitter employees are discussing whether to ban you. Can TikTok's Libs continue to succeed without Twitter?  

TikTok Library:Yes. Currently we are building our presence on the substack. This eliminates the reliance on social media for sending messages and content. 

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Fox News Digital : Lorenz cried to MSNBCabout online harassment. Do you think the media takes online harassment seriously, regardless of the victim's ideology? 

TikTok's Libs:No. Of course, the media is always biased. The left-wing media did not call for the harassment that a large left-wing Twitter account received as a result of accusing it of being a terrorist without evidence. 

The Washington Post did not immediately respond to the request for comment. 

Twitter declined to comment after being contacted by Fox News Digital. 

Fox News' Gabriel Hays and Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report. 

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