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Lightning strikes in California kill a woman, her two dogs

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A Southern California womanand her two dogs were killed by a lightning strike on Wednesday morning as a thunderstorm struck the area, officials said.

Antonia Mendo Sachavez, 52, was identified as a woman killed in a deadly lightning strikeat around 8:50 am near the San Gabriel River in Picoliviera. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jonathan Bramham.

"It was a Hispanic woman who was hit by a lightning strike and couldn't survive the injury," he said. "She was walking two dogs and the dog died."

Gloria Corocho, who rented a room for Picoli Viera to Mendoza, was in FOX11 Los Angeles, 52 years old, "hardworking". He said he loves puppies, Chubby and Luna.

Scientists believe that the blockade in 2020 may have reduced lightning

Home economics at a nearby motel Mendoza, who worked as a woman, once walked her dog, according to Korocho, a day on a trail near the river. When her landlord first heard that a lightning strike had killed a woman and two dogs, she said she immediately thought Mendoza and her "heart-wrenched."

The fatal lightning strike was reported at 8:50 a.m. near the San Gabriel River in Pico Rivera, authorities said.

A deadly lightning strike at 8:50 am It was reported. Near the San Gabriel River in Picoliviera, officials said. (FOX11 Los Angeles KTTV)

"She was a sweet woman," Korocho said of her friend. "She was very responsible."

A thunderstorm was caused by acycloneoff the coast, drawing monsoon moisture northward into the area.

Antonia Mendoza Chavez, 52, and her two dogs, Chubby and Luna, were killed in the lightning strike, authorities said.

Antonia Mendo Sachavez, 52 years old and her two dogs Chubby and Luna were killed in a lightning strike, according to dog officials. (FOX11 Los Angeles KTTV)

Lightning strikes are rare in Southern California, but city officials recorded more than 3,700 lightning strikes overnight during the storm. Said it was done.

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The city has a summer camp with workers I ordered it indoors. has canceled outdoor activities, including farmers markets.

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