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Liz Chaney: "Republicans are loyal to Donald Trump and must not be loyal to the Constitution."

She is Trump's power and his bubbling anger by the Commission on January 6th. Chaney said Trump felt "Mike deserves it" because Trump summoned a mob to Washington, D.C., and Hutchinson said on January 6 that the mob sought the death of then Vice President Mike Pence. rice field. "I was willing to make a hostage to this dangerous and irrational man," with a Republican and elected official.

"It's undeniable. It's painful for Republicans to accept. And we all recognize the meaning of saying those words and the meaning of what happened. I think we need to understand, "Chainy told the crowd in places that had long been associated with traditional Republican values, as reflected in Reagan's presidency.

"But the reality we face today as Republicans must be chosen when thinking about the choices in front of us. Republicans are loyal to Donald Trump. At the same time, they cannot be faithful to the Constitution. "

Chaney, who is at risk of losing her primary seat in the Wyoming House, is a conservative Republican, limited government, low tax, A politician who believes in strong national defense, his family is an American life. She struck the Byden administration with its economic policies and record high inflation that plagued American families.

But as the leader of her party, she can't ignore the "threat posed by Donald Trump" and she can't ignore other Republicans, she said. Stated.

Then she quoted Reagan. She "sees the world through the eyes of children and through the eyes of young Americans."

Chainy sees the world through the eyes of children, the process of democracy, or the peaceful transfer of power through the constitution itself. I talked about. She talked about the need to prioritize people over politics, and the need for bipartisanism and dignity in an era when Americans are so divided.

"Recently, one of my Democratic colleagues said he and I are looking forward to the day when he and I disagree again," Chainy said. "And believe me, I share that feeling."

She wrote a note on her youngest child's day on her mother's day, and every time she left home she said, "America. She said she knew that she would work at. She said it made her cry. And for the months after January 6th, and about her role on her committee, Chainy said she was impressed by the young Americans approaching her, especially the young women.

"And it is especially young women, young women, who seem to instinctively understand the dangers of this moment for our democracy," said Chainy.

Hutchinson's boss, a man far older than her, "is hidden behind executive privileges, anonymity, and threats," Chainy said. Hutchinson will show her bravery and patriotism and show young girls "the true meaning of loving this country." The crowd cheered.

"Let all the little girls and young women watching tonight say this," said Chainy. "Recently, most of the time men are moving the world and it's not really working."