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The beaches of Long Island will resume on July 4th after the shark attack guards.

Two Long Island beaches are busy July 4 after authorities were forced to shut down by swimmers the day before the sharks attacked lifeguards. Reopened on Monday morning for the holidays.

Smith Point Beach and Cupsorg Beach in Suffolk County resumed swimming at 10am after lifeguards cleared everything.

Guards began work an hour early to scan the water for signs of sharks. According to a local report from, a paddleboard was used to patrol the water and a remote-controlled drone was used to inspect the area from above. Ten}.

A day ago, lifeguard Zack Gallo, 33, was bitten by a shark in the waters off Smith Point Beach during a training session.

Garo was bitten by his chest and right hand during the attack, but was able to repel a five-foot-long fish with his bare hands.

Ironically, he played the role of a victim in recreating drowning during a lifeguard training session.

Shark Attack Surviver Zachary Gallo 33 details his encounter with the shark that bite his right hand and chest.
Edmund J Coppa

Gallo posted on MondayThere was "sharp pain and pressure" in his hands when he was stepping on the deep water of his chin and noticed something fixed to it.

"I started punching down with a hammer, and I know I've connected to a shark three times," Garo said. "Third time, the whole shark turned over in the opposite direction and overlooked the sea."

He swam to the shore and warned other guards of the shark's presence.

A sign says "Warning, dangerous marine life, swimming prohibited."
Edmund J Coppa

Miraculously, a 10-year veteran guard only needs a few stitches Did not with the bandages on his hands and his chest.

"Thank you for the minor injury," he said. "It could have been worse, and I'm very grateful that I got out of the water myself."

Garo is water, despite the shark attack. He said he wanted to go back to.

Lifeguards sit atop their stand.
Edmund J Coppa

"We are visitors to their world. This is It was just a curious animal. I have to take a break from work for 10 days, but I'm looking forward to returning to the water, "he said. 

County officials called Sunday's attack "unprecedented," and Garo said he hoped the attack wouldn't scare others from swimming.

Long Island residents and visitors were not afraid that shark attacks would celebrate Independence Day and the beautiful weather on the beach.

According to Suffolk County Park, both regular and spilled parking lots at Cupsorg Beach reached capacity by 10:45 am. It is within 1 hour after the park opens.