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‘Love Is Blind’s’ Season 5 Pod MVP? Renee, a Veterinarian Who Matches With No One

Love Is Blind is one of the most tense reality TV experiences. Imagine going on nonstop blind dates for days on end while sitting in total isolation and living with absolute strangers. Making it even more stressful is the fact that every new date could end with a disastrous reveal, a tragic dumping, or — most terrifying of all — a proposal. How the hell do you unwind after a day of potentially life-altering dates? Fortunately for the women of Season 5, they had Renee, 31, a veterinarian.

Renee (did we mention she’s 31, and a veterinarian?) is one of the dozen cast members who either didn’t find a match, didn’t get engaged, or didn’t fit the story that the producers wanted to tell. I do question the producers’ judgment, though, because during the only one of her dates that made it to the final edit, Renee tells Chris, “I could see a man see something messed up and start fixing it and just get wet.” Are you telling me… there are potentially dozens of other dates… with those kinds of gems from Renee? #ReleaseTheReneeCut

If Renee ever hit it off with a date, we will never know. This isn’t Renee’s fault. It’s the producers’ fault for not asking the right screening questions and not dropping a hunky contractor into the mix! Instead, Renee only pops up in the women’s living quarters scenes where she’s holding court as the queen of fun. All we know, though, is that every time the words “Renee, 31, veterinarian” popped up on screen, we were in for a good time. There’s Renee, jumping rope!

Love Is Blind - Renee jumping rope
Photo: Netflix

There’s Renee, popping bottles for “Sunday Funday” — or, well, trying to!

Love Is Blind - Renee popping bottles
Photo: Netflix

There’s Renee, playing the role of “JP” in a rehearsal for Taylor’s first face-to-face meeting with her fiancé!

Love Is Blind - Renee "proposing" to Taylor
Photo: Netflix

There’s Renee, dropping it down low while the ladies sing “Cha Cha Slide”!

Love Is Blind - cha cha slide
Photo: Netflix

There’s Renee, armwrestling Lydia!

Love Is Blind - Renee vs Lydia armwrestling
Photo: Netflix

It was clear Renee was a star from the moment Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey entered the women’s living quarters in Episode 1. Yep, Renee’s the one who shouted, “Okay, mom and dad!” The proud way Renee took credit for that? Iconic.

Love Is Blind - Renee raising hand
Photo: Netflix

There’s also this absolutely fantastic exchange between Stacy and Renee at the beginning of episode 2:

Stacy: “What is the term for when someone older seeks out someone younger? There’s multiple.”

Renee: “Okay — Scott Disick and like, a 19-year-old? A predator?”

The best. Truly, were I a woman on Love Is Blind Season 5, I would have rather been hanging out in the living quarters with Renee than going on a date with any of these guys. That’s definitely true of me as a viewer. Love Is Blind Season 5 should have invested in a Renee Cam that followed her every jump, twerk, and toast. Put it in the corner, picture-in-picture style.

Renee’s energy is exactly what Love Is Blind Season 5 needs more of. Between all of the messy, tense reveals, we need a hero who’s down to pop a bottle and drop it low! I admire The mental fortitude (and presumably open bar) it takes to be this easygoing and fun while isolated in a weird hybrid TV set/dormitory for a week. Didn’t phase Renee, because she knew the three magic words that get any party started: “Renee, 31, veterinarian.”