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A love triangle murder suspect had cosmetic surgery when Caitlin Armstrong was arrested: Report

A Texas yoga instructoraccused of a professional cyclist's love triangle murderwas hidden and arrested in plastic in his possession. In Costa Rica, which had a receipt for the surgery made, a new report said.

Fugitive Caitlin Marie Armstrong, caught at a hostel in Santa Teresa Beach on Wednesday, left two passports and a $ 6,350 receipt for cosmetic surgery. Another name.

Witnesses also said something seemed to have happened to her face.

"[She] had a bandage on her nose and she had blood on her nose," Zachary Paulsen told Outlet.

US federal officials changed her appearance when Armstrong found her, saying she had a bandage on her nose and a scar under her eyes.

She also cut her hair short and dyed it darker brown.

"She was asking how to avoid it cheaper, and the police came," Paulsen told the Inside Edition.

Suspect Kaitlin Armstrong in custody
Fuerza Publica CR
Kaitlin Marie Armstrong
U.S. Marshals Service / AP

Armstrong reportedly stayed at Don Johns Surf and Yoga Lodge under a different name to study new yoga. ..

After Armstrong was arrested, Paulsen said he found an item in the locker, including her passport, a second passport owned by her sister Christine, and a receipt for cosmetic surgery. ..

Deputy Marshal Brandon Phila previously said "a very similar physical depiction" when Armstrong hopped aflight from New Ark, New Jerseyto Costa. Rika last month said she used a valid and active passport that belongs to someone with. He doesn't say who the passport belongs to or how Armstrong got the passport.

Armstrong in custody.
Authorities said a car resembling suspect Kaitlin Armstrong's 2012 Jeep Cherokee was captured on surveillance footage near the victim's residence on May 11, 2022.
According to the authorities A car resembling the 2012 Jeep Cello Key of the suspected Caitlin Armstrong was captured on May 11, 2022 in surveillance footage near the victim's residence.

Police believe Armstrong shot 25-year-old Anna Moria Wilson multiple times in Austin May in jealousy of the relationship between cyclists and Armstrong's boyfriend. Live on the 11th. Wilson had just enjoyed swimming and dinner with Colin Strickland, a professional cyclist and Armstrong's boyfriend who once fled with Wilson.

Wilson, who was in town from San Francisco for the race, dated Strickland last fall while he was out of Armstrong, he later told police. Armstrong's black Jeep Grand Cherokee was seen in surveillance footage outside his friend's house shortly after Strickland dropped Wilson at his friend's house on the night of the murder, police said.

The yoga instructor fled Texas after a policeman asked her about her killing. According to officials, she flew to New York City and was dropped off at New Ark Liberty International Airport a few days later, where she flew to Costa Rica.

Armstrong will be transferred fromCosta Rica towithin the next 30 days and returned to the United States for prosecution.