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Madonna reflects on wardrobe 'accident' that manager said would 'end her career'

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Madonna shares details about her past shock and the moment her career nearly ended.

On Wednesday's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", the 63-year-old pop legend opened the interview, saying, "I have no say in the singles released by my label." ' explained. 

As she attended the 1984 MTV Video Music Her Awards, Madonna thought her choice of "Like a Virgin" would be the night's controversy. was But a wardrobe malfunction stole the show.

Madonna said her performance at the 1984 MTV Awards almost ended her career.

Madonna at her 1984 MTV Awards Her career was almost over. (Getty Images)

"It turns out it wasn't the song itself that caused the controversy. It was my performance at the MTV Awards." "She told Fallon. During her performance, Madonna fell down the stairs of a large wedding cake when one of her shoes got stuck and fell off her foot.

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``I'm going to make this smooth move'' As, for example, I jumped into my shoes and tried to make it look like choreography. It was a time when you weren't supposed to show your butt to the public, and now it's the other way around." 

Madonna said she continued her performance, unaware that her butt was exposed.

Madonna described the controversial night for talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

(Todd Ouyoung)

 It was like butt cheeks. "It was like half a butt cheek," she said. "When I went backstage, my manager said my career was over." } Madonna celebrates new year despite two injuries: 'I have no regrets'

Released "Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones" featuring remixes of their biggest hits. During her talk show appearance, she mentioned one performer she would like to collaborate with. It's Kendrick Lamar," she said. "His new record is making history... It's mind boggling. It's insane."

Madonna posed during a performance at MTV Video Awards in 1984.

Madonna posing during her performance at the 1984 MTV Video Awards. (Richard Corkery)

Later in the interview, Madonna said her 16-year-old son, David Banda, dresses her "better than her."

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"He is Look at the swag, you know, in whatever clothes you wear, said she. "It's really annoying. He looks better in my clothes. He can even look butch in dresses."

Madonna to his 2006 adoption Adopted David embraces more than his mother's fashion sense.

Mandonna said her son, David Banda, 16, dresses better than her.

Mandonna had her son David Banda, 16. Old dress better than her. (Cassy Athena)

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"He'll be one of your guests," she said to Fallon, referring to her son's musical talent. 

Fallon agreed.

"He has 'it.' He's got magic. He's funny, he's charming, he's athletic, he's good looking," Fallon said. 

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