Major flooding in the Midwest, significant flooding forecast for Carolinas

Eight states from Michigan to South Carolina are under Flood Watches.

Major to historic flooding is ongoing in parts of the Midwest from Illinois to Michigan where more than a half a foot of rain fell in the last several days.

In Chicago alone, 8.19 inches of rain has fallen so far this May, closing in on the wettest May ever recorded.

So much rain fell in parts of Midland County, Michigan, that some dams could barely hold and could still possibly fail as evacuation orders have been issued.

This morning, there are eight states from Michigan down to South Carolina are under Flood Watches and Warnings as rivers continue to rise.

The storm system that produced all the rain has stalled in the Ohio Valley this morning and will only move slightly into the southern Appalachians where it will continue to meander for the next few days.

The heaviest rain over the next several days will be from the Ohio Valley into the western Carolinas where some areas could see close to a half a foot of rain as significant flooding is forecast there.

In other news, as Arthur moves away from the East Coast, large waves of 5 to 9 feet will hit the coastal areas from Long Island to Virginia and this is expected to result in coastal flooding for those areas.

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