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The majority of Americans are SCOTUS Roev. Opposition to Wade's reversal, polls show

59% of adults in the United States disapprove and 41% approve. About half (52%) call this decision a step back for the United States, 31% call it a step forward, and 17% say it is neither.

Of the women, two-thirds (67%) disagree with the decision and only 33% agree. Fifty-six percent of women say that this decision will make the lives of most American women worse.

58% of Americans say they support federal law that legalizes abortion nationwide, and 42% disagree. Also, 64% say they want to legalize miscarriage in the state in most or all cases.

Most Americansare now likely that the Supreme Court will eventually terminate or limit same-sex marriage (57%) and access to birth management and contraception (55%). I believe there is at least some). Only 33% said they had great confidence in the Supreme Court, 23% said they had some confidence, and 44% said they had little confidence in the Supreme Court.

The CBS News / YouGov survey surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,591 adults from June 24 to 25, after the Supreme Court's decision was announced. .. Although this is a relatively short field period of polls, the results provide a first view of the public reaction. The polling sampling error margin is ± 3.0 points.