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Make a cut: Young man seeks vasectomy following Roe v. Wade decision

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A young man from Big Apple, and across the country, is rushing to make an appointment for a vasectomy following the Supreme Court's decision to overthrow theRoe v. Wade case last week. 8} Urologists and future patients told the post.

Dr. Alex Steinschruger, director of urology at New York Urology Specialist in Midtown Manhattan, said that calls to his office for vasectomy surged by more than 500% this week. It was estimated that many consultations were booked in July or less. A man jumping into a bandwagon.

"If you don't plan to have a baby and rely on other contraceptive methods, you can definitely drive for a vasectomy," says Shteynshlyuger.

Even if the New York authorities pledge that abortion is still legal in the Empire State, not everyone understands it, he said.

"For those who do not have a deep understanding of the legal system, it sounds like the Supreme Court has banned abortion," Shteynshlyuger said.

CJ Hall plans on having a vasectomy later this summer.
Earl Richardson

SCOTUS decision in states currently considering abortion bans Inspired by men Once upon a time, they might have been thinking of steps to go under the knife.

"Potentials banned here — I think partners and all possibilities are driving me," said CJ Hall, 28, Associate Manager, Lawrence's mobile operator. I did. KS.

Hall agreed that he and his partner did not want to have children, and a court ruling last week prompted him to finally call a local hospital to schedule surgery. Said that.

Activists participate in a women’s march for reproductive rights to Los Angeles City Hall on October 02, 2021.
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He will do this in early August It's a schedule. In the same month, Kansas will voteon astate constitutional amendment that may revoke Roe's right to abortion since 1973.

Clinic staff told the post that they were stunned. By a number of young men without children asking about the procedure by which the sperm-carrying tube is cut or blocked. It is usually considered permanent, but in some cases it can be undone.

"Many people have called this week to try a vasectomy," said Isis Thomas, a nurse and office manager at Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City. "We have many younger generations participating and are sure to achieve it."

Abortion rights activists argue "Vasectomy Prevents Abortion" during a protest in downtown Los Angeles, on June 24, 2022.
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She added: One day she tried to call 5-6 patients and try to make a call, but last week there were 15 or 16 calls a day.

Dr. Blake Johnson, a urologist at the Summit Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, began seeing growing interest after a draft Supreme Court ruling leaked in May. Said that.

"Since the actual decision, we were all suddenly booked until September," Johnson said. "It's much higher."

Isis Thomas, a nurse and office manager at Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City claimed more younger men are demanding vasectomy surgeries.
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Guttmacher Institute Senior Research Fellow One Megan Kavanaugh, a New York-based pro-choice organization, no longer has the belief that the rights granted will last much longer, so those seeking sterility procedures in states where the ability to have an abortion seems safe. He said there was also.

"No matter where you live, the way people plan their families, have children, and decide not to have children is now a personal choice that people always thought was available. I think there is widespread awareness that it is available. It's a bit more at risk, "Kavano said.