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Manhunt in progress for Gunman after mass shooting at the parade on July 4th in Highland Park, Illinois

Highland Park, Illinois (CNN)Monday, a shooting incident at the Independence Day parade on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. At least six people were killed, about 20 were injured, and a large-scale mass shooting of unidentified gunmen occurred, officials said.

Evidence of firearms was found on the rooftop of a company in Highland Park, police commander Chris O'Neil said. Firearms were "powerful rifles," and attacks on parade participants appeared to be "random" and "intentional," said Christopher Koveli, spokesman for Lake County's Major Crime Task Force. ..

Authorities described the suspect as a white man aged 18 to 20 years, small in size, long black hair, and wearing a T-shirt. They described the suspect as "armed and dangerous" and advised people to evacuate to the right place.

According to Jim Anthony, a spokesman for the NorthShore University Health System, a total of 31 people have been transferred to two hospitals. The majority suffered gunshot wounds, but other injuries were caused in the post-shooting turmoil, he said.

Shooting at Highland Park, about 25 miles north of Chicago, has fled hundreds of parade participants and responded to large-scale police actions by local, state, and federal police officers, including the FBI. It was triggered.

Zoe Powellsack, who attended the Independence Day parade with his father, said the parade participants initially thought they had taken this opportunity to show off fireworks.

"And I thought something was wrong. I grabbed her father and started running. Suddenly everyone behind me started running," she said. "I probably looked back 20 feet away from me. I saw the girl shot and killed."

Police moved them to a sporting goods store and eventually moved them to a sporting goods store. She said they hid behind the trash can for about an hour until they were brought back into the car. She said she saw one person shot in her ears and bleeding all over her face, and another girl shot in her feet.

"It looked like a battle zone, and I hate it. I really hate it," she said.

The incident was the at least 308 mass shootings in the United States this year, according to data compiled by the nonprofit organizationGun Violence Archive, which is tracking such incidents. I'm recording. The organization defines mass shootings as involving the shooting of four or more people, not including the shooter.

In Richmond, Virginia, there were 11 mass shootings during the first four days of July, including three on July 4 alone. Chicago and Highland Park, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

The genocide interrupts the already bloody American spring and summer. This included an 18-year-oldracist attackin a New York supermarket, killing 10 people and another 18-year-old. Shooting at a school in Texaskilled 19 students and 2 teachers.

Following these massacres, President Joe Biden signed the major federal gun safety law for the first time in decades just nine days ago, the most controversial policy issue in Washington. One showed a big bipartisan breakthrough.

Witnesses say gunshots caused stampede

Field witnesses who spoke to CNN were stabbed by sudden gunshots and subsequent confusion. I explained about the peaceful parade.

Miles Zaremsky said that at around 10:20 am, shortly after the start of the parade, he fired twice in a row on CT and heard about 20-30 shots. He explained to CNN that he saw many people standing on the ground bloody and chaotic in the scene.

A video shot by witness Hugo Aguilera shows an ambulance turning a parade route and a police car sirening when people gather on a grassy sidewalk. An aerial video from the CNN-affiliated WLS shows a lawn chair abandoned up and down the parade route in the heavy presence of police.

Warren Fried, who attended the parade with his wife and seven-year-old twins, said he saw police and ambulances passing by at the parade, after which he heard a series of gunshots. .. People began shouting "shooters" and "runs," and he and his family fled towards their car for safety.

"People were hiding and the kids were looking for their parents on the street. I was just in shock," he said.

Regional Democrat Brad Schneiderconfirmed in a tweet that he was on the scene during the shooting of.

"When the shooting started, my campaign team and I were together at the beginning of the parade. My team and I are safe and secure," he said.

Jeff Leon, 57, tells CNN that the shot sounds like a "firecracker in a trash can" and only when he sees a police officer react is he aware of something happening. Said that.

"I saw police start reacting and some people were lying down," Leon said. "We just took off, and as you know, we were hiding behind a car, folding into the next car, and going our way."

A nearby gas station employee, Jose Alamar, said about 20 people struck the gas station and evacuated after the shooting began.

The suburbs of Highland Park have a population of about 30,000 and a per capita income of about $ 90,000, which is almost three times the average of the United States according to US census data
The July 4th parade was scheduled for mountain cars, marching bands, novelty groups, community entries and other special entertainment. The city was scheduled to start at 10 am at the Laurel crossroads on thewebsite. Said St. John's Avenue, then St. John's Avenue north, then Central Avenue west, followed by Sunset Park, the city said. The suburbs near
DeerfieldandEvanstonwere shot and canceled the July 4th parade.