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Mark Kanya was 'used' to part-time role amid Mets' new addition

Mark Canha has played every day for Oakland for the past two years and started this season with a similar schedule to the Mets. 

Now a semi-regular, Tyler traded his Naquin after the appearance of a left-handed bat in the lineup, including his deadline arrival, the veteran outfielder's turn came. Sometimes I try to produce. 

He was absent from Monday's starting lineup the day after he hit his two-run double against the Braves. 

"I've gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me," Kanha said before being used as a pinch runner in the Mets' 5-1 victory over the Reds. at Citi Field. "Honestly, I want to play baseball that can win the major leagues. 

"Not to mention the way the schedule is structured this year is pretty condensed, and if you have to play 162 games, I don't know if I can make it through, I just don't think my body can hold up, I think a lot of the best teams are doing this, giving their players a rest and using everyone on their roster. 

Mark Canha
Corey Sipkin of NY POST

Annual contract worth $26.5 million , has earned high praise for his demeanor. 

"If you look at 'pro' and 'winner,' Mark is both," said Buck Showalter. “This guy, he was solid from the day he got to Port St. Lucie and I could see why he was so coveted by our organization. Really understand and want to win.Never underestimate his desire to play and contribute.He's a trailing guy.I love Mark." 

29} The Mets have promoted 2019 first-round pick Brett Beatty to Triple-A Syracuse. The third baseman owned a . 312/. 406/. 544 thrashing line in 89 games for Double-A Binghamton with 19 home runs and 59 RBIs. He will join the organization's frontrunner, catcher Francisco Alvarez, in Syracuse. 

Showalter has come to appreciate the spectacle seen during Edwin Diaz's entry into the game for City on his field. The manager said he had to leave the dugout for a bathroom break before the 9th inning started on Sunday, but waited until Diaz entered his usual "narco." 

"I said, 'I'm going to be here and see this,'" said Showalter. "I don't care how you feel about all that. It's pretty good. I stayed there." 

his SNY broadcast on Sunday said He was the second most watched in the network's history. The broadcast attracted her 555,000 viewers, according to the network. Only his game in the Mets' final regular season in 2008, which drew 806,047 viewers, received more attention. The series average viewership with the Braves was 462,000, a record for SNY.