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Former Christie Smyth of Martin Shkreli missed the therapy of a couple visiting "Pharmabro" behind the bar

Former journalist, "Pharmabro" after leaving her husbandChristie Smythe, who got a job at Martin Shkreli, missed her first marriage counseling I confessed. A session to visit convicted Ferron behind the bar — she blew up her former flame critic.

Smythe, 39,will begin treatment on Sunday Times, the day she and her current ex-husband were able to first visit Sukreri at theMetropolitan Detention Center. He said it was planned. In Brooklyn.

Former Bloomberg reporter said she arrived 52 minutes into a one-hour session after she went to jail to meet a notorious prisoner while she was still working in the press. I admitted that.

"I didn't count the minutes — he did," Smyth told the paper. "We still went to marriage counseling later, and it was, of course, a disaster. Nothing was counseled."

She said it was "symbolic" of her entire relationship. It ended up in her relationship with Sukreri. 

Smythe and Shkreli, both 39 years old, met after being assigned to Bloomberg News coverage in 2015.

Christie Smythe.
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Martin Shkreli.
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Hedge fund managers were highly disliked as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals in 2015 for raising prices for the antiparasitic drug Dalaprim. became. In 2017, she but she later quit her job because of her involvement with him.

Former journalist Elle magazine , in 2020, she said, "The world."

Martin Shkreli.
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Christie Smythe.
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Sucreli was very angry with the article and imprisoned Smythe from prison through a statement submitted to the magazine through a lawyer. But she told The Post in May that they were still talking and friends.

"I want to see him and give him a hug. I always have emotions for him," she said following her release from the federal prison that month. Said. "He was very angry with me when I was made public, but I was worried that no one would support him because he got sick in prison and he was so hated. "I did."

On Sunday, she brought her ex-girlfriend online after a Sunday Times article titled "Leaving a Husband for America's Most Disliked Man" was talked about. Defended. 

A second time for everyone except Martin Shkreli (or anyone who the internet has decided to hate a particular person) Moment if you say it deserves a chance and a redemption shot), you really don't mean that.

— Christie Smythe (@ChristieSmythe)June 26, 2022

"If you say, everyone is the second time Deserves a shot of chance and redemption. Martin Smythe (or anyone who decides to hate the internet at certain moments), you don't really mean that, "she smoked on Twitter.

Smythe is currently writing her series of memoirs about her romance at Substack. She said she was the editor-in-chief of a new media company called The Business of Business and she has her new boyfriend.