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Despite new Jets competition, Michael Carter has already emerged as the leader

When the Jets picked Breese Hall in the second round of the draft in April, it was easy to fireMichael Carter. prize. 

Carter was ending a promising rookie year. He was the team's main rusher, coming out of the commission and returning to lead the team as the season progressed. 

So that Friday night, when coach Robert Saleh called him and told him about Hall returning from Iowa State, Carter got cranky. maybe. Instead, he took the news in stride. 

"It doesn't really matter," Carter told the Post on Thursday. or you could make it my job, but at the end of the day, I want to be the best...they called me later.It wasn't a big deal." 77}

It was another moment that reminded the Jets leadership in the 4th round of the 2021 Draft how lucky Carter was to somehow fall for them. Not only does it have everything you'd expect from a team, but it also stands out as a leader off the field. He's 23 and he acts like he's 32. In one training camp practice, he crossed his arms over undrafted rookie Zonovan Knight after he made a mistake. 

Carter doesn't see Hall as a threat to his job, but he wants to help him adjust to the NFL, as he did last year. 

Michael Carter participates in drills at Jets training camp on Thursday.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

I am with you," said Carter. "I want to be the best in the world. I don't think I can care who's on my left and who's on my right. I help them because it's the right thing to do. I want everyone around me to win." I want to see it.” 

Carter credits his parents, Tony Carter and Suzette Ellington, with shaping him. Both served in the Air Force, but Carter said it was not the military background that made them, but his grandparents, who deserve credit.

"How my grandmother raised my father and how my other grandmother raised my mother is why I am who I am," Carter said. "They inculcated the lessons they took from them into me and my brothers. I think they are like that because of who they are. I really owe them a lot." 

What's the biggest lesson? Respect everyone and be yourself. 

"I think being myself is why people naturally gravitate toward me because I'm not afraid to be myself," Carter said. A room of running backs, thanks to his leadership. 

The Jets will enter the 2022 season with a packed backfield that includes Carter, Hall, Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson. The Jets brought this offense from San Francisco. In San Francisco, where he was always on the committee, he promises to ride hot hands. 

Carter emerged midway through last season as that hot hand. He was 172 yards from scrimmage in the team's upset victory over the Bengals, but he was just beginning to roll when a high ankle sprain knocked him out of his third game. He finished the year with 964 yards from scrimmage. 

Michael Carter speaks after practice on Thursday.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

We'll take advantage of them," Carter said. "I just hope it turns into more opportunities." From last year's draft he still has a chip on his shoulder. 

"I may be on the smaller side of the NFL, but I think Mel Kiper said it I didn't realize I was too small until, anyway, who's listening to Mel Kiper?" Carter said. 

Carter got high marks when asked about his goals. 

"Best in the world," said Carter. "If you can't be the best in the game at some point, you can't be the best ever." 

Carter was a student in his back, running a film of greats past and present. I've seen He cites Alvin Kamara as a favorite and someone he wants to emulate as a runner and receiver. 

How much is he going to do it? 

"Honestly, in terms of talent, I'm not that far off. I have talent." said Carter. "I think it comes with opportunity and I think it comes with execution. Now I'm at a point where I feel like when I get the ball something happens. I'm going to do something with this ball. . However, don't be surprised if Carter stands out in that crowd.