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Midwest transplant blames New York's Bodegas, Twitter mob fires him

Midwestern college graduates were fired from a technical position in New York City afterTikTok videocomplained about Bodegas in Bronx. rice field.

Griffin Green, 24, moved from Michigan to Big Apple last week and took on a new role as a sales developer for software company Outreach. Then, after a Twitter mob called him, he was launched from the company. Cancel.

After arriving in New York, the young man subleased his South Bronx apartment and shared a series of videos with TikTok, terribly insisting on the cultural shock of his new environment.

"Okay. I'm moving to New York to go shopping for groceries, so type" grocery store "in Apple Maps. Go to ... they're like this s–t, "he said in one video,, then panned the camera to show the local Bodega.

"Like a companion, it's not a grocery store," he continued in the clip. "I'm trying to get something like eggs, yogurt, cheese. Look at this place, like."

He later said: Is stated in. Where are Krogers and Whole Foods? Like f-k, like I'm trying to eat f-king like cereals and ramen for dinner.

Someone immediately shared the clip to Twitter, where it quickly became viral, and Green got the name"Bodega Bro".

This clip has received widespread attention, with some saying that Green exudes white privileges with insensitive remarks about Bronx.

Green posted the controversial clips to TikTok last week, complaining that there were no large supermarkets near his sublet in the South Bronx.
TikTok / @ grifgreen20

"I'm sure this is it Bro thought he was funny, but ... did anyone else consider this a racialist? Or just me. Written by blogger Perez Hilton.

Tik Tok star Dutch DeCarvalho also blamed Green, saying: And he found a way to make fun of the stores that many people in the community depend on. According to

reason, the resentful viewers also had problems with other green clips investigating Bronx's new environment.

"I've been in Bronx for a few weeks, so I got this NAACP shirt because it resembles the only white guy in the whole gym, so these people are more lively with me " He reportedly said in one video.

In another clip, he allegedly described how many gay people lived in New York and questioned, "Is being gay just for now?" I am.

One of Green's clips showed the inside of a bodega in the South Bronx.
TikTok / @ grifgreen20

An old TikTok video created by Green through a social media survey. Was discovered. He showed off his secret employment proposal and announced that he would move to New York City. The

letter revealed that he worked at Outreach, and one tweeted to a technology company to warn about Green's Viral Bodega video.

"I don't think it's so flattering that this kind of person represents your company."They write from their personal account."If I were you, I would reassess his employment."

Outreachlater responded to, "This draws our attention. Thanks to you. As a result of the investigation, we followed our policy and took prompt internal steps in line with our core values. He is no longer an outreach employee. "

Green was let go from Outreach on his second day. Outreach claimed it was because he shared a letter of his confidential offer-of-employment letter.
TikTok / @ grifgreen20

The company told Reason that it ended Green by sharing confidential employment. Letters on Social Media — Not for posting his controversial videos.

"It is against company policy for employees to leak personal or confidential information, and there is no reason to dismiss," said Outreach's vice president of communications. “We continue to find strengths in diversity, fairness and inclusiveness and continue to build a company where everything can succeed.”

Green's Tik Tok has been switched to private. rice field. The post contacted him for comment.

After news of the rapid firing of Green, many counterattacked the company, accusing them of giving to the "awakened mob."

"Bodega Bro shouldn't have been fired. He wasn't a racialist. He was a fish out of the water. His Tik Tok was terrible, but Blowing your privileged little heart into the food desert of a big city is not a good reason to lose your income when you first move to a new city.

A black woman jumped at Green's defense, saying she had no problem pointing out that there were no suitable supermarkets in Bronx or elsewhere in New York City.

"No. , I'm a black woman from the outskirts of Georgia, and I've had exactly the same reaction, especially when I moved to Flatbush Brooklyn, where there is only one real grocery store, "she declared. "It's called a food dessert because it's difficult to feed yourself here. People don't have to live this way."

Green calls for reason from HR He said he was fired on the second day. He sought an opportunity to explain himself, but his request was denied, he said.

The young man has just signed a 12-month lease and is worried about his finances. The company is also allegedly withholding a $ 2,500 transfer bonus associated with his first salary.

"People can portray people because they mean terrible people when they are really trying to explore something new," says Green. "I was exploring New York for the first time ... I didn't know people were shopping for groceries at these corner stores."

"Becoming a new person in the city And I liked to make fun of myself, "he added.

Several people have leapt to Green's defense, saying he meant to no offense and was merely a fish-out-of-water calling attention to the issue of access in the South Bronx.
TikTok / @ grifgreen20

One supporter said Green was a victim of the cancellation culture. Yes, we started a funding initiative for him with GiveSendGo

. Read the explanation of financing. "After moving to New York and signing the lease, the awakened mob fell into TikTok JOKES and relentlessly harassed his employer until he was killed."

" Help Bodega Bro recover and get enough money to buy all the eggs, yogurt and cheese you want from a real supermarket. All proceeds go to Griffin and bio continues.

As of Friday, fundraising activities have raised over $ 4,200.